Cult of the Lamb Rituals Guide: Effects and Resource Requirements

Cult of the Lamb Rituals keep your followers happy and give them a meal if you don't have any spare ingredients. These are all of the Rituals we’ve come across so far.

Cult of the Lamb Rituals keep your followers happy and give them a meal if you don't have any spare ingredients. These are all of the Rituals we’ve come across so far.
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Rituals are an important part of the gameplay loop in Cult of the Lamb. They’re unlocked through exploration and by creating new Doctrines. While some are more helpful than others, each Ritual requires a set amount of resources to perform and carries positive or negative effects. 

Rituals can be discovered through the main story quests, such as going to speak with Leshy in Anura, where he will request Menticide Mushrooms in exchange for the Brainwashing Ritual. Other than that, most of them are discovered through unlocking new Doctrines as you progress. 

This Cult of the Lamb guide will detail every available Ritual in the game, including their requirements and materials, as well as their effects. Don’t worry, the price isn’t your soul — yet. 

Ritual Effects and What They Cost

Most Rituals use Bones, which are acquired in the Old Faith dungeons by either slashing the skeletons you see on the ground or when you kill a big boss dies/clear a room. They are all broken apart and looted automatically. 

Here is a quick and detailed list of every Ritual available in Cult of the Lamb so far: 

  • Bonfire Ritual:
    • Dance around the Flame to increase cult Faith by +30.
      • Cost: x10 Lumber, x25 Bones.
  • Sacrifice of the Flesh: 
    • Sacrifice a follower to grow your strength and unlock new abilities and weapons. Higher-level followers are more valuable when sacrificed.
      • Cost: x1 Follower, x75 Bones.
  • Feasting Ritual:
    • Throw a feast for your followers to completely fill up cult hunger and gain +30 faith.
      • Cost: x75 Bones.
  • Ascend Follower Ritual:
    • Perform a Ritual at your temple in which you can ascend a follower’s spirit to a higher plane of existence; all followers gain loyalty. 
      • Cost: x1 Follower, x75 Bones.
  • The Glory of Construction:
    • A Ritual that immediately builds all structures under construction.
      • Cost: x75 Bones.
  • Holy Day Ritual:
    • Your followers will not work for an entire day and will gain +80 Faith.
      • Cost: x75 Bones.
  • Ritual of Enlightenment:
    • Temporarily increase Devotion generation speed at your Shrine by 20% for three days.
      • Cost: x75 Bones.
  • Alms for the Poor: 
    • Distribute Coin to all of your followers to increase their Loyalty. Gain +10 Faith.
      • Cost: x50 Coin. 
  • Ritual of Oceans Bounty:
    • Catch double fish for two days; special fish will be more common. 
      • Cost: x75 Bones.
  • Ritual of Ressurection: 
    • Bring a dead Follower back to life. 
      • Cost: x150 Bones.
  • Loyalty Enforcer: 
    • A Ritual to appoint a Follower as your Loyalty Enforcer, tasked with patrolling the Cult and raising the Loyalty of Followers.
      • Cost: x75 Bones.
  • Wedding: 
    • Marry one of your Followers and gain +30 Faith. 
      • Cost: x75 Bones.
  • Brainwashing Ritual:
    • Followers will become Brainwashed, and Faith will be locked at full for two days. 
      • Cost: x10 Lumber; x25 Meniticide Mushrooms.
  • Glory Through Toil Ritual:
    • Allows your followers to work through three days and nights without getting tired.
      • Cost: x75 Bones.
  • Ritualistic Fight Pits:
    • Two followers fight to the death unless you’re feeling merciful.
      • Cost: x2 Followers and x75 Bones.
  • Fast Ritual:
    • Declare a Fast Ritual; Followers will not be hungry for three days.
    • Cost: x75 Bones 
  • Tax Enforcer: 
    • Appoint a Follower as your Tax Enforcer. They will gather Coin from other Cult members.
      • Cost: x75 Bones.
  • Ritual of the Harvest:
    • All Farm Plots with seeds become immediately ready for harvest. 
      • Cost: x75 Bones.

That’s every Ritual that we have seen so far in Cult of the Lamb. Are there any we missed or haven’t unlocked not on this list? Let us know in the comments below, and check out our other Cult of the Lamb guides while you’re here, like our best tips for Followers guide, our comprehensive Tarot card guide, and the best weapons to look out for

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