Cut the Rope 2 (Android) Walkthrough – Fruit Gathering Levels 16 to 20

Step by step (with pictures) instructions on completing levels' 16 ~ 20's fruit gathering objectives.

Step by step (with pictures) instructions on completing levels' 16 ~ 20's fruit gathering objectives.
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Cut the Rope 2 has finally made it to Android, and it’s free to play! The fruit collection levels are just one of the many new additions to the game, and they are deceptively difficult.

This walkthrough hopes to make the task of completing the fruit objectives more easily. Many of them require power-ups, but the majority of the solutions I have come up with presented here do not. The further you progress, the more levels require the use of power-ups, which can be purchased for in-game gold and with real money.

This is the third in my walkthrough series for Cut The Rope 2 (Android)’s fruit objectives. You can find links to the previous two below:

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How to beat level 16-2 (Collect 53 fruits or more)

This level is not difficult, but is tricky to describe. It can be beaten every time following these steps.

  1) Tap the bottom bubble blower a few times to push Om Nom to the right

2) Rapidly tap the top bubble blower to push the candy as far as it can to the right, then let it come back.

Cut the top rope as the candy is swinging right.


3) Rapidly tap the middle bubble blower to push the candy up and get the grape indicated. Let the candy fall to its original position before continuing.

You want to tap the middle blower to push the candy up again and, at the purple circle, tap the top blower to push the candy as indicated by the top arrow.

Take as many tries as you like to get as much fruit as you can doing this.


This part must be done quickly.

4) Rapidly tap the middle bubble blower. As the candy is swinging left, cut the middle rope so it falls as in the image.

Getting a screenshot of this is a bit tough, the image shows immediately after cutting the rope.


5) Simply cut the candy down from this position after doing the above to win the level.


How to beat 17-2 (Collect 35 or more fruits)

This level can be completed without a power-up, but requires some careful tapping near the end. I cannot recommend using a power-up on this level — it seems frustrating but just keep trying! Better to hold onto those balloon power-ups for later levels.

1) Rapidly tap the top bubble blower until the candy reaches the apple indicated by the purple circle.

2) Pop the right balloon to drop the candy and logs.


3) Cut the bottom log free as it’s falling.

You don’t want to cut the rope too soon or too late. Try to do so at about the spot in the picture.

4) Wait for the candy to settle and hopefully grab one more fruit, then cut the second log free.

You must do this next part very quickly. Please read the next step before cutting this rope.


5) You must tap the bubble blower to push the candy to the right and above Om Nom, then pop the balloon to send it down. This is tricky!

Tapping the candy too far can cause it to fly off the screen and doing so too lightly will not send it far enough.

You may have to try this level a few times to get the timing right. It is possible, but is extremely tricky!


Just showing the fruit pattern upon successful completion.

How to beat level 18-2 (Collect 43 or more fruits)

This level can be completed reliably, but the difference between winning and losing comes down to two fruits.

There is no reason to use a power-up on this level as it can be completed using these steps 90% of the time. That said, there are two particular fruits you must obtain to complete the level.

1) Cut the rope connecting the log and the plank with the plank as seen here.

The plank must be in this spot to successfully complete this level.

2) Drop the log in the location shown. It must be against the wall as seen here.

3) As Roto is going right, drop the candy down on the plank.

There is an apple here that you MUST collect. Its location is indicated by the purple circle.

If you miss this apple, you must restart.

4) Cut the candy free as the bottom Roto is going right and is approximately at the location of the purple circle in the image.

If you are lucky, the candy will pick up the apple the where purple circle indicates. If it does not, you will have to restart the level.

5) Allow Roto to carry the candy left, right, and left again. As he begins to go right once more, drop the candy on the plank at approximately the purple circle.

If all of the steps have been done as instructed (and you didn’t miss those two apples), you will win the level.


How to beat level 19-2 (Collect 24 or more fruits)

This level can be completed without the use of power-ups, but it is extremely unreliable. It is just best to use two balloon power-ups and call it a day, unless you get lucky or feel like wasting most of your energy on this one level.

There are several ways to complete this level, but this is the only method I’ve tested that is even remotely reliable.

1) Tap the bubble blower to the right once or twice to move it out of the way.

2) Attach two balloon power-ups to Om Nom to have him float in the air and collect fruit.

3) Pop the right balloon once you’ve gathered enough fruit, to send Om Nom back to the ground safely. 

Don’t let him float too long, or else he might float off-screen!

4) Rapidly tap the right bubble blower to get the log contraption to the left side. Quickly cut the rope holding the candy to get it to roll onto the plank.

5) Once the candy has rolled onto the plank, cut the left rope to drop it onto the platform below and win the level.


How to beat level 20-2 (Collect 42 or more fruits)

This level may look intimidating, but it is deceptively easy! It can be reliably completed.

1) Cut the log down and allow it to push Om Nom to the Roto below.

The arrows in this image indicate what is going to happen once you cut the log. 


2) Let Roto carry Om Nom all the way to the left. As he begins to go right, drop Om Nom on the platform at the bottom.

3) Drop the log to the far right. It no longer has any use in this level!

4) Cut the candy down for Roto to grab when he is directly under it.

5) Let Roto carry the candy to the left then to the right. On the way left the second time, drop the candy at the spot indicated to collect the last 4 fruits and win the level.


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