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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty – Heaviest of Hearts Guide

Try to sneak your way past all the guards in a club during the Heaviest Hearts gig in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

The Heaviest of Hearts gig in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty requires you to enter a VIP room in the Heavy Hearts club. While you can do this whichever way you see fit, you do earn a bonus if you can finish the task stealthily. Our guide discusses how to complete Heaviest of Hearts, including how to complete the mission without raising the alarm, and how to get the Crimestopper iconic weapon.

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How to Complete Heaviest of Hearts in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

You can complete Heaviest of Hearts in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty by accepting or rejecting Georgina’s deal. Here’s a quick summary:

  • This gig becomes available much later in the expansion’s campaign, so just keep doing the main quests until it appears on your map.
  • Mr. Hands’ client, Michael Maldonado, testified against his son. However, he claims that he was coerced.
  • Your job now is to talk to the prosecution’s lawyer, Georgina Zembinsky. But the entire club’s VIP area is well-guarded.

Meeting Michael Maldonado and Entering the Heavy Hearts Club

You’ll find Maldonado in the abandoned shops below the Needle, the obelisk in the center of Dogtown’s roundabout. He tells you about his son’s plight, and what he was forced to do when he testified against him.

Next, you’ll head to the Heavy Hearts club, where you usually meet with Mr. Hands. However, instead of going to the private suites, you have to enter the VIP area. Here’s the gist:

  • Talk to the bartender and ask her about Georgina Zembinsky.
  • Enter the restrooms and pay 500 credits to an NPC named Jack.
  • Apprach the doors to the VIP area and talk to the NPC who got kicked out.

How to Reach Georgina Without Raising the Alarm

To be clear, the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Heaviest of Hearts mission can be completed even if you go in with guns blazing. However, I suggest a stealthy approach so you can earn a bonus. Here’s what I did during my playthrough:

  • Upon entering the VIP area, I crouch-walked past the two guards in the hallway since they have their backs turned.
  • I also made sure to switch all cameras to Friendly Mode via quickhacks.
  • In the middle section, I entered the small kitchen and I dispatched of the two guards. There are containers where you can dispose of the bodies.
  • From there, I entered VIP Room 04, where an attorney mentioned that Georgina is actually in VIP Room 06.
  • I continued to the other end of this section, which had a couple of guards. It’s also possible to use a quickhack on the appliances to cause a distraction, allowing you to sneak past them.
  • Then, in the last corridor, there’s one guard that’s patrolling. Before he spotted me, I entered the nearby room, and I waited for him to pass.

How to Get the Crimestopper Iconic Weapon

Eventually, you’ll reach VIP Room 06. This is also where you’ll find the Crimestopper weapon. It’s inside a suitcase in the room itself. This weapon can lock-on to an additional enemy, and it also has a chance to immobilize them when hit.

As an aside, it seems that this is one particular iconic weapon that does not appear among Black Market vendor wares. Normally, armaments that you miss out on initially would be sold by the NPC. This seems to be a rare exception, so make sure you grab it during this quest.

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Should You Accept Georgina’s Deal or Not

Enter the suite to find Georgina and her thug, Hank. She shows you a video of Maldonado’s confession. She also offers you a deal:

  • Accept Georgina’s deal — Maldonado’s testimony will be made anonymously.
  • Reject Georgina’s deal — You’ll force her to delete the files.

Take note that you’ll have to fight Hank if you reject Georgina’s deal. However, those who have +20 Body attribute can intimidate him. This will give Georgina no choice but to delete the files.

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Regardless of your decision, simply press the switch next to the door to the suite. This will reveal a hidden passageway that leads back to the first floor. Return to Maldonado and he’ll give you 2,000 credits. Likewise, if you managed to complete the mission without raising the alarm, Mr. Hands will give you a bonus of 6,000 credits.

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about how to complete Heaviest of Hearts in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Don’t forget to do all the gigs for Mr. Hands to obtain the Sport R-7 Sterling vehicle. For other tips and strategies, you can check out our PL guides hub. We have plenty of walkthroughs, such as one for Prototype in the Scraper and Talent Academy.

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