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Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: How to Beat the Chimera Boss Fight

The Chimera boss is one of the first and toughest fights in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Here's how to beat it.

The first major boss in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty is the CHIMERA 0005-C M (just Chimera after this). It’s no walk in the park. While it doesn’t chase you around or have a wide variety of attacks, it can chunk you to 50% health in a single laser beam and pelt you with enough bullets and missiles to send you to the Game Over screen. Staying mobile is key to defeating the boss, but there are some additional mechanics to keep track of as well. Here’s how to beat the Chimera boss fight in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

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How to Beat the CHIMERA 0005-C M Boss in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

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The fight against the Chimera boss in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty takes two phases.

  • The first phase sees you crippling it.
  • The second is a pure DPS check, where you either do enough damage to put it down or it does the same to you.

Before you actually fight the Chimera, however, you need to pass a series of quick-time events. Fail any of them, and you’ll need to start the sequence over again.

The quick-time events themselves are easy enough to pull off. You have three or four seconds for each of them, but you’ll need to pay attention to make sure you make it through. When you finally can’t fall any farther, V will fall unconscious, and Myers will need to literally slap them awake. Shortly after, the Chimera boss fight starts.

Chimera Boss Fight Phase 1 Tips

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The first phase of the Chimera boss in Phantom Liberty fight sees you needing to destroy enough of the marked weak points on the machine to cripple it. The weak points are colored bright orange, and there are about 20 of them. Destroying one deals 2% of the boss’s health in damage, and that DPS seems to be capped. The Chimera’s armor is too thick in this first phase to dole out additional punishment. Only focus on the weak points.

You’ll also have a chance to learn about the Chimera’s limited but still deadly attacks in this phase. They consist of:

  • Missiles that you’ll be able to see coming by a set of bright red dots on the ground.
  • Gunfire you can avoid by staying mobile and staying behind cover
  • A huge laser beam that covers the entirety of the ground or second floors. Taking cover behind a thick stone pillar will protect you. The thinner walls or open spaces leave you vulnerable, and dodging only protects if it grants Mitigation.

I recommend going straight to the boss arena’s upper level, as it has more cover and space to move around. The thin walls separating you from the Chimera will crumble as it attacks you. With that in mind, don’t count on them for cover behind small arms fire.

Stick to the large pillars, as these can’t be destroyed. The boss’ explosive attacks can get around it with splash damage. However, they’re large and numerous enough to give you more than enough safe areas to hide out.

Chimera Boss Fight Phase 2 Tips

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When you destroy enough weak points to take the Chimera to 70% health, most of its outer armor will fall away. Now, you can damage any part of it. The best places to attack are the joints of its legs and any of the weak points you were shooting earlier. You won’t have any HUD showing where those vulnerable spots are, unfortunately. But you can note them by the exposed wiring and internals now visible on the surface of the Chimera.

Use everything you have to remove the remaining 70% with whatever weapons you have. I don’t recommend swords, blunt weapons, or throwing knives here. Getting too close to the Chimera is a one-way ticket to Game Over. But thankfully, there are spare weapons all over the arena.

The boss itself doesn’t have any new attacks in this phase, but it does have help. At the start of phase two, the Chimera will summon about a dozen attack drones. They’ll hover close to its body. The bigger problems are the two repair drones that also appear. If left alone, they’ll heal the Chimera quickly enough that any damage you do is undone.

Take out the repair drones immediately, then destroy the other combat drones. Do that, and the Chimera will have only its own limited attack selection to work with. Sure, it’s deadly enough on its own, and you now have to fight for twice as long, but you should also have a handle on the fight now. Keep up the pressure, and you’ll eventually get the Chimera to 2% health.

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When the boss reaches 2% health, you can go in for the finisher. The Chimera will stop attacking, and you can jump on top of it. Find the circular vent on its top. The final QTE will pop up, with Myers throwing you a grenade to put down the machine’s gullet. Pick up the Chimera Heart (you can display it in your apartment as a trophy), and you can count this boss as defeated.

That’s how to beat the Chimera boss fight in Cyberpunk 2077. It’s one of the toughest combat challenges in Phantom Liberty, as the expansion is more about espionage and social conflict than physical. Later in the story, you need to take a behavioral imprint of two people, forcing you to rely on your ability to read people rather than shoot them. You do something similar almost immediately afterward. We’ve covered plenty of other content from the expansion, as well as the base game, in our guides hub.

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