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Daily Reset Time for All Servers in Wuthering Waves

Stay on top of daily quests and events by knowing your server's reset time!

You choose which region to play on in Wuthering Waves, but not the time zone. That means you need to figure out the time that your region uses to avoid missing out on free goodies from daily tasks. Here’s the daily reset time for all servers in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves: Daily Server Reset Times

Because there are features such as daily quests and check-in events in Wuthering Waves, knowing the reset time for your region’s servers helps you avoid missing opportunities to pick up new items or rewards. If you’re in a hurry to get a specific timed reward, such as those from a sign-in event, this information tells you when you can complete the next required task.

Here are the daily reset times for each server:

  • Americas: 5 a.m. CST
  • Asia: 5 a.m. KST
  • Europe: 12 p.m. CET
  • HMT: 4 a.m. HKT
  • SEA: 1:30 a.m. IST

At these times, enemies and materials in the world respawn. While it’s nice that you don’t need to worry about constant respawns, if you’re farming a particular material, you might run out of enemies and end up waiting for the reset time. 

Weekly Reset Times for Wuthering Waves

However, there aren’t only daily resets; there’s also a weekly reset. The weekly reset is primarily for quests, such as those in your Guidebook and Terminal menu. Unlike the daily reset time, the weekly reset is based on your local time. When the clock hits 4 a.m. on Monday, your weekly quests reset.

That covers both the daily and weekly reset times for all servers in Wuthering Waves. While it can feel like a chore to sign in every day for the sake of free items and extra pulls, having extra materials is incredibly helpful with how quickly you burn through them. From here, check out our WuWa guide hub for more content to help you navigate Solaris-3 as Rover.

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