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Dark and Darker Wizard Guide: Best Perks and Spells

Dark and Darker has many powerful classes, and one of the coolest is the Wizard.

Wizards may not be at the highest Dark and Darker class tier, but they still have much to offer in the way of protection and offense. That said, many balancing shifts have made the character a bit more risky to use, whether as a team or in solo play. Even still there are some beneficial perks and spells you can use.

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Dark and Darker: How to Play as Wizard

To play as a Wizard in Dark and Darker will ask a lot of you as it’s one of the most difficult classes to pick up compared to, say, a Warlock. Wizards are slow. Casting a spell wrong can be punishing, and they have low damage and the lowest HP in the game. However, should you take on a Wizard class, the benefits include high damage output for magic attacks and the ability to buff teammates and yourself. With that in mind, there are also key skills that will help you get even better as a Wizard for future battles, and all serve best for any magic-based build.

SkillsSkillsRecommended Build
Arcane ShieldShield that surrounds you for 15s and absorbs 20 damage. Can also release Arcane Explosion that deals 5 magical damage to enemies in 2m.Magic
Intense FocusReduce casting time of spell by 0.1 secondsMagic
MeditationRestores spells at 34 SP and resting spells every 1.5 seconds for 24 seconds. 17 ticks of restoration will always be required regardless of casting speed.Magic
Spell MemoryLets you memorize spells to use in a dungeon.Magic
Spell Memory 2Lets you memorize spells to use in a dungeon.Magic
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Best Wizard Perks in Dark and Darker

As always, the appropriate perks are dictated by the build you choose, and with a Wizard, anything revolving around magic is usually the safest and strongest option. Therefore, these perks will revolve around the benefits of perks that focus heavily on magic while boosting the nerfs that were done to fire spells.

Arcane FeedbackArcane spell damage increases casting speed and Magic Power Bonus by 2% per stack. Though it lasts for 7 seconds, it can stack 5 times.
Arcane MasteryArcane spell usage increases Magic Power Bonus by 5% and reduces casting time by 0.5 second.
Fire MasteryArcane spell usage increases Magic Power Bonus by 5% and reduces casting time by 0.5 seconds.
Mana SurgeMagic Power Bonus increases by 10%

Best Wizard Spells in Dark and Darker

Considering Wizards aren’t inherent fighters like other classes in Dark and Darker, the best spells are ones that enhance your attack spells as well as spells that will aid your team. There are six tiers in total, but these spells will span the range of tiers to give you the best options available.

Chain LightningThis Tier 6 spell uses 35 lightning magic damage and can connect to anyone within 8m, with each connection doing five less damage than the last. The damage could also reach you if you’re in its path.
FireballThis Tier 5 spell delivers 25 direct Fire Magical Damage and 10 splash Fire Magical Damage. This move can also knock back surrounding enemies.
Magic MissileThis Tier 3 movie fires 10 homing missiles that deliver 9 Arcane Magic Damage but can be deactivated when you move.
HasteThis Tier 2 move slows down targets by -40% for 2.5 seconds.

There’s still much to discover in the world of Dark and Darker. Be sure to stay tuned for more Dark and Darker tips and tricks articles right here.

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