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Warlock opens a portal in Dark and Darker
Image via Ironmace

Dark and Darker Warlock Guide: Best Perks and Spells

Here's our list of the best Warlock perks and spells in Dark and Darker, as well as recommended skills for your builds.

Warlock is one of the most flexible solo classes in Dark and Darker. It can be a melee class, or it can easily be a magic caster, or both; it all depends on your build. Here, I’ll provide you with a list of the best Warlock perks and spells in Dark and Darker, as well as tips on how to use its skills.

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Dark and Darker: How to Play as Warlock

Before choosing Warlock as your main class, I must warn you that this class uses HP to cast spells. On one side, it allows you to cast spells as long as you have health, but on the other, it can quickly diminish your chances of survival. There’s also an option to go full-melee, but Warlock’s weapons aren’t as fast as those of other melee-based classes. In either case, here are some of Warlock’s best skills I recommend using:

SkillsEffectsRecommended Build
Blow of CorruptionThe next melee physical attack deals a separate instance of 10 magical damage with 75% scaling to the target and reduces outgoing healing performed by them by 80%.Melee
Dark OfferingMagic channeling sacrifices 10% of max health and grants a stack of 5% physical and magic power bonus.Hybrid
PhantomizeBecome untargetable, phasing through melee attacks, projectiles, and magic. Move speed bonus increases by 10%, and magic damage reduction is reduced by a flat -50%.Magic
Blood PactYour entire body is covered in Abyssal Flame, sacrificing 1% of max health per second and dealing 2 magical damage per second, gaining an additional 50 max health, 50 armor rating, and 50 magic resistance.Hybrid
Casting a spell on an enemy as a Warlock in Dark and Darker
Image via Ironmace

Best Warlock Perks in Dark and Darker

The choice of perks for Warlock depends mainly on the type of build you’ve chosen for yourself. But if I had a chance to create a hybrid build, incorporating both physical and magical damage, then I’d definitely go with this list of perks:

Shadow TouchGrants 2 true magic damage and 2 magical heal on melee hit.
Soul CollectorWhen dealing the final blow to an enemy, one darkness shard is collected. Each collected shard increases magic power bonus for dark magic by 10%, up to a maximum of 10 stacks.
Infernal PledgeGrants 25% damage reduction from undead and demons.
Dark ReflectionWhen you receive melee damage, reflect 10 dark magic damage to the attacker.

Best Warlock Spells in Dark and Darker

If you focus heavily on the magic abilities of Warlock, then it’s important to respect the defensive spells as much as the offensive ones. I’d go as far as to say that defensive spells are even more important, as you’ll be dealing with tons of health loss. That’s why the Life Drain spell is basically a must-have!

Bolt of DarknessFires a projectile bolt that inflicts 20 dark magical damage to the target.
Life DrainDeals 3 magical damage to the target per second for 6 seconds and converts 100% of it into the caster’s life force.
Eldritch ShieldGrants the target a shield that protects against 25 magical damage.
Summon HydraSummons a Hydra that fires fireballs at hostile targets, detects hidden targets, has 150 HP and its fireballs deal 10 magical fire damage.

That’s it for my list of the best Warlock perks and spells in Dark and Darker. Stay tuned for more Dark and Darker tips and tricks articles right here.

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