There are over 50 species of creatures in Dark and Light, some who are out to get you and some who will work for you. Let us show you some!

Dark and Light Complete Bestiary

There are over 50 species of creatures in Dark and Light, some who are out to get you and some who will work for you. Let us show you some!

Even if you have only just started playing Dark and Light, you will be aware that the game is full of all kinds of wildlife — there are over 50 species in-game. Some are friendly and docile, like sheep, but some you wouldn’t want to wander too close to for fear of losing a limb, like bargesh. 

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As you might have already seen in our Dark and Light Taming Guide, a lot of creatures can also be tamed and used as mounts to help you find resources faster.

But to get a real sense of what creatures roam the game world, here is a complete Dark and Light bestiary, as well as each creature’s use in-game. Some of the creature information has yet to be revealed online, but this guide will be updated as soon as those details become available. 

Full List of All Creatures in Dark and Light


An Alligar is Water creature that cannot be tamed. Further information currently not available.


Bargesh are akin to hyenas. Even though they aren’t powerful, they are agile and move quickly. The upside of Bargesh is that they can strip fallen creatures of their hides and meat, and they can be a combat or hunter/gatherer mount.


Bears can be tamed and can be used as a mount. Further information currently not available.


Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.


Boars are really easy to tame, but once you have them on the ground and have the food trough in front of them, they will go through food really quickly, so make sure you have enough!

Once tamed, Boars can be used to:

  • Collect berries from bushes
  • Harvest apples
  • Gather wood, mushrooms, and twine
  • Mount

Information currently not available.


It might come as a surprise, but you can tame Cyclops and even have them as mounts. They are really aggressive and run pretty quickly so you are going to have to find another way of slowing them down to make sure you get enough arrows into them.

Once you have them under your control, they are exceptionally strong and make fantastic siege weapons capable of breaking down all kinds of walls and defenses.


Tameable. Further information currently not available.


All Elementals in Dark and Light can be tamed, but you don’t need to use hook arrows and food to win them over. To tame them, you need soul stones. You must make sure the Elemental is down to very low health before you start the taming process — otherwise, the soul stone won’t work. They can be crafted once you hit Taming Rank 6, but you’ll need a core from each of the elements to make one.

Each Elemental can help you out in different ways. For example, the Earth Elemental can be used to construct defenses, while the Fire Elemental can provide heat in colder climates and cook food.

Elemental creatures in the game are Fire and Ice Imps, Dark Ice and Dark Fire Elementals, and Fire, Light, Wind, Ice, Earth and Water Elementals.


Information currently not available.

Fire Tiger

Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.

Frost Dragon

Information currently not available.


These majestic flying beauties are a must for mount collectors — but be prepared for a fight when you go to train them. Griffins take quite a lot of arrows to bring down and will struggle to get airborne again as soon as they can. As with Boars, they do require a lot of food and will go through it quickly — but the plus side is that they feel the effects of the hooks for longer.

Griffins can be used:

  • In battle
  • For carrying objects
  • For exploration
Grut Stag

These are one of the easier creatures to tame and can also be used as a mount. If you want to utilize them to gather resources, they are great at harvesting grass and straw.


Information currently not available.


Even though you don’t have to tame them yourself and they are not found in the wild, Horses are widely available from vendors in towns and cities at minimal cost. 


Due to their size and toughness, Kebo require a lot of resources to tame — not just arrows and their components, but also a lot of time and a lot of feed.

Kebo can be used to collect many items in Dark and Light, such as stone, sulfur, twine, and wood. Kebo have a hearty attack, but move rather slow.


Unlike Boars, Longhorns don’t not tame very quickly. Actually, everything about them is pretty darn slow. On top of slow taming, they don’t eat quickly and the torpor effect drains from them pretty slowly.

They can, however, carry quite a load, so they’re useful when gathering sulfur and stone.


Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.


Pathers are really aggressive and can spot you from quite a distance. When attempting to tame one, you can’t outrun one in a straight line. You need try and gain a height advantage to get the easiest shots in. Once they are down, they eat rather slowly but the torpor effect drains from them really quickly so you will have to be on your toes and get ready to fire more shots at it.

Panthers can be used as mounts.


Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.


Sheep are relatively easy to tame as they don’t move very fast, at least until they are injured — and then they move rather quickly.

Sheep are used for one thing in Dark and Light and that is to provide wool, which is used to craft certain items in the game. So you need a pretty decent supply of it.

Searing Dragon

Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.


Personally, I wouldn’t be wanting to get anywhere near the Spiders that you find in Dark and Light. They are commonly found in jungle areas and can be easily spotted from a distance because they have a glowing mark on their backs. They eat slowly, so make sure you have the ways and means of defending yourself and your quarry as you tame them. 

Once tamed, you can equip Spiders with a mount and run off to hunt some goblins or other fast-moving prey.


For a creature that looks like a water fly, they are really substantial. They will take about 3 hours to tame — but once you’ve managed to tame one, they can be used as a mount.


Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.


These two-headed vulture-type birds can be found living along the coastline. When taming one, be sure you’re wearing sufficient armor because it will definitely attack you. the silver lining is that they don’t take very many arrows to bring down. 

Vrocks can be tamed quite early in Dark and Light, too, making them a great choice for a beginner’s flying mount.


Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.


Wyvern are the smallest of any of the dragon types and are relatively easy to tame as well. Normally quite docile, they will flee when attacked so you need to make sure you try and get them caught in trees or over the edge of a cliff.


There are two types of Yetis in the game — wild yetis and summoned yetis. Wild yetis cannot be tamed and will more than likely rip you apart if you try. But if you collect shards from killing yetis, you can summon tamed yetis in special temples dotted around the snowy tundra.

These docile creatures will:

  • Guard your belongings
  • Assist you across tricky terrain
  • Help you collect resources and complete tasks.

So there you have it — 50 creatures from the Dark and Light universe. As previously stated, there is a lot of information missing but this will be updated as the relevant information is released.

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