Darkest Dungeon 2 Focused Fault Boss Guide: How to Beat Obsession in DD2

Here's how to beat the Focused Fault Obsession boss in Darkest Dungeon 2.

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The Darkest Dungeon 2 Focused Fault boss is the ultimate enemy in the Obsession act. It’s a tricky enemy to defeat, and it may take you several tries to come out victorious. Featuring multiple stages, the eye boss will stare you to death if you’re not careful. But instead of relying on trial and error as I did, our guide will tell you exactly how to beat the Focused Fault boss to close Obsession’s eyes forever in Darkest Dungeon 2.

How to Defeat the Focused Fault Obsession Boss in Darkest Dungeon 2

When preparing to leave for the Mountain, you’ll want to:

  • Buff all Heroes with the best food you have available.
  • Reduce all Stress.
  • Heal them as much as possible.

The Darkest Dungeon 2 Focused Fault boss deals large amounts of damage quickly, so you’ll want have your party as prepared as you can.

Best Inn Items to Use Against Focused Fault

The best Inn Items to purchase are those that increase Stun resistance, debuff resistance, and healing:

  • Clarifying Poultice.
  • Oddly-Tuned Lute (Signature Jester Item).
  • Mop and Bucket.

Along with buffing your party before leaving, you should also try to increase all relationships as much as possible. Positive Relationship boosts can help reduce Stress and Heal during the battle, which can be a lifesaver against the giant eye boss.

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Best Combat Items to Use Against the Obsession Boss

When it comes to combat items, the best are those that will get rid of the multiple debuffs inflicted by Focused Fault. You’ll also want ones that remove the eyes’ Dodge. All stalks and the Focused Fault have 30 resistance to each DoT type, so having those stacked up can continue the damage while your party heals itself.

  • Holy Water
  • Mineral-Rich Spring Water
  • Smelling Salts
  • Thunderclap Grenade
  • Otherwordly Fragment
  • Incendiary Cocktail
  • Ichor Bomb
  • Laudanum

Best Party Compositions

Since this is the Confession Boss, you’ll have already picked your team and gone through various regions. But I recommend thinking ahead as much as possible, especially if this is anything after your first run. These two teams are good to get when starting the Obsession Confession.

Focused Fault Fight Party Composition 1

This team focuses on moving around while inflicting DoT damage with a strong defender in the first position.

  • Rank 4 — Graverobber: Poison Dart, Absinthe, Dead of Night, Pirouette.
  • Rank 3 — Occultist: Wyrd Reconstruction, Malediction, Anamnesis.
  • Rank 2 — Highwayman: Duelist’s Advance, Point Blank Shot, Open Vein, Take Aim.
  • Rank 1 — Man-at-Arms: Defender, Bolster, Hold the Line, Retribution, Crush.

Focused Fault Fight Party Composition 2

The second composition is more well-rounded, with stress healing and regular healing to try and extend your Heroes’ lives.

  • Rank 4 — Vestal: Consecration of Fortitude, Consecration of Light, Ministrations, Divine Grace, Judgement.
  • Rank 3 — Jester: Slice Off, Inspiring Tune, Solo, Play Out, Battle Ballad.
  • Rank 2 — Hellion: If It Bleeds, Barbaric YAWP!, Toe to Toe, Adrenaline Rush, Bleed Out.
  • Rank 1 — Man-at-Arms: Defender, Bolster, Hold the Line, Retribution, Crush.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Focused Fault Boss Phases and Strategies

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Phase 1 — Cloistered Eyes

The first phase of this boss battle begins with four Cloistered Eye stalks. The stalks will cast Seen on your party and only focus on their chosen Hero. Killing the Cloistered Eye that cast Seen will remove the Token, but it will return next turn.

Each turn they’ll grow, next becoming Bifurcated Eye and finally Cluster of Eyes. Each version has higher HP and deals more damage, but they can be “killed,” rending the stalk inert until its next turn. Using Move skills or Combat Items like the Thunderclap Grenade can disrupt their attacks. You’ll want to save any DoT Combat Items for the Focused Fault instead of using it on the stalks.

Once all four are a Cluster of Eyes or after approximately four rounds, the battle will go to Phase 2, as the eyes call the Focused Fault.

Phase 2 — Focused Fault

If your party has any Seen tokens on them, the Focused Fault will immediately start damaging them with Limerence. Not only can this attack deal upwards of 40 damage on Crit, but it also reduces healing received by 25% and can inflict Horror.

The giant eye can attack twice a round, so you’ll need to have a high healer handy for any big damage. If you don’t have a healer, deal as much damage as you can each round, as your party won’t last very long. Skills that give Dodge or Block will increase survivability in this fight.

If your team doesn’t have any Seen Tokens, the Focused Fault will use Suppress instead, inflicting Blind x2, Weak x2, and Daze. It also has a 33% chance to Stun. It can also use Behold, marking everyone with Seen and increasing Stress by four. Even if you don’t get damaged, the high stress will cause potential Meltdowns quickly.

And that’s how to beat the Focused Fault Obsession boss in Darkest Dungeon 2. Those are the best compositions to take when trying to defeat this tricky enemy. You want to hit hard and fast to defeat this floating eye before it can take out all your Heroes with its eye laser. For more battle tips in Darkest Dungeon 2, check out our DD2 guides library (sans Librarian).

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