We've got new bloody fountains to purify and diseases to catch, huzzah!

Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court DLC: Guide to New Curios and Achievements

We've got new bloody fountains to purify and diseases to catch, huzzah!

Just when you thought you’d finally found the bottom of the depths of the Ancestor’s depravity, he offers up yet another tale of evil and debauchery.

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Turns out that besides hiring brigands to kill the townsfolk, turning the forest into a place of twisted magic, bringing pig flesh to demonic life, summoning zombies, and communing with Cthulhu fish creatures — he also had the time to attend lavish vampire galas!

We previously covered every last curio in the base game extensively, but several new ones have arrived with “The Crimson Court”, along with a host of extra achievements to unlock.

Let’s jump in and take a look. 


Crumbling Pillar

Item: Shovel

This is the Courtyard version of the wall of bones that must be removed with a shovel or cause damage. You can’t pass without removing the curio, so if you didn’t bring any extra shovels, everyone in the party will take damage and acquire stress for having to break it down by hand.

 Crumbling Pillar


Item: Shovel, Blood, or Holy Water

Using blood causes nothing bad to happen, but doesn’t seem to give a positive effect, either. Using holy water causes the flowers to wither and gives you some extra stress. Digging up the bloodflowers with a shovel results in random treasure.


Damned Fountain

Item: Holy Water or Torch

Pouring holy water into the Damned Fountain gives one hero a big reduction in current stress while activating without an item causes bleed. Throwing in a torch gives a small amount of stress.

 Damned Fountain

Hooded Shrew

Item: The Blood

Give this mysterious blood drinker some (what else?) blood in exchange for treasure – and it’s usually a pretty good treasure, netting Crests for upgrades and some food.

 Hooded Shrew

Pile Of Strange Bones

Item: Bandages, The Blood, or None

Using blood summons mosquito and vampire enemies to fight, which isn’t very helpful (apparently, you are resurrecting the dead vampire with blood). Activating normally without an item has a small chance of providing a trinket, but most of the time will just deal damage. Using bandages offers some items.

 Pile Of Strange Bones

Throbbing Cocoon

Item: Torch (or none)

Throw a torch in there to burn the eggs and regain some stress. If you activate the cocoon without an item, a group of mosquito enemies will pour out. That should have been obvious — usually, nothing pleasant comes out of a cocoon throbbing in a vampire courtyard.

 Throbbing Cocoon

Thronging Hive

Item: Pitch Soaked Torch

This is a special quest curio that initially appears in the first quest of the Courtyard area. Use the three special torches (not a regular torch) provided at the start of the mission to destroy these. After getting the Invitation, these appear normally and can be destroyed with regular torches for loot and a chance at getting some Blood.

 Thronging Hive

Disturbing Diversion

Item: Shovel

This mouldering evidence of a society’s depravity is best left alone, as opened unaided you have a chance at a negative quirk and high stress, or you can use a shovel to get some heirlooms.

 Disturbing Diversion

Forgotten Delicacy

Item: Medicinal Herbs

Using herbs grants food and gold, while eating these delicacies with no protection has a chance for a disease, negative quirk, blight, and the Crimson Curse.

 Forgotten Delicacy

Wine Crate

Item: Antivenom or Shovel

Antivenom provide some stress healing, while a Shovel gives you fire wood. Going in without any items has a chance to give Blood, a negative quirk, a disease, or bleeding.

 Wine Crate

Crimson Court Achievements

Les Jeus Sont Faits

Defeat the Baron — This is achieved by beating the boss in the second main Crimson Court quest

Just The Cheque

Defeat the Viscount — This is achieved by beating the boss in the third main Crimson Court quest

Her Last Dance

Defeat the Countess — This achieved by beating the boss in the fourth and final main Crimson Court quest


Get Infected by the Crimson Curse — This will occur while exploring the first area of the Courtyard and fighting either Esquires or Sycophants

Happy Together

Collect Your First Trinket Set — Make sure to activate curios and keep an eye out for matching trinkets at the nomad’s wagon

From Rubble To Rabble

Build Your First District Building — After finding a blueprint as a reward for a quest you will gain access to District buildings, which cost gold, portraits, deeds, crests, and so on.

The Red Hook

Build The Red Hook — This absurd District building costs 25,000 gold, 750 crests, and 1 blueprint to build

The Flesh Is Willing

Recruit a Flagellant — This achievement only pops if you recruit a flagellant through the stage coach, not through a town event

An Unexpected Party

Collect The Invitation — This is a story/quest based achievement, with invitations dropped by fighting Castellans during the Baron quest


Lose a Hero to Wasting Away From the Curse — If you don’t ever feed a cursed hero any blood, this will eventually occur

Shadows Blur Together

Kill an Ally While Under the Curse — A cursed hero who goes berserk will eventually get this one if you haven’t been healing the party

What Strange Bedfellows

Contract the Crimson Curse via Contagion — When two heroes are in the same building to reduce stress, such as the Abbey or Tavern, there’s a small chance the curse will spread between those heroes.

Zealous Accusation

Defeat the Fanatic — While exploring with the “Crimson Court” DLC, eventually, this unhinged priest will attack you as a random wandering boss


Rescue Someone — This is a story/quest related achievement


Have Your Entire Roster Affected by the Crimson Curse — So long as you are rotating out heroes for subsequent quests, this will almost certainly happen organically over time

Those are all the Darkest Dungeon “Crimson Court” DLC achievements currently available — happy hunting! Are you just getting started with this bloody expansion? Check out our basic guide to getting started with the Crimson Court quests here.

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