Dauntless Guide: Best Armor Tier List

Protect yourself as well as you can with the help of these five best armor sets in Dauntless.

Protect yourself as well as you can with the help of these five best armor sets in Dauntless.
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When crafting a piece of armor or an entire set in Dauntless, players need to make sure that all of the components work really well with their weapon of choice and perks.

There are a lot of elemental armor sets in the game with many different perks, but some are especially useful, and thus gained a universally acclaimed praise from the players.

Below you will find five of the best armor sets in Dauntless, which can be acquired at different stages of the gameplay. You can either use parts of them or craft all four components of each set for a full synergy.

Nayzaga Armor

  • Strength: Shock
  • Weakness: Terra
  • Cell slots: Utility, Defense

Here is the only armor in Dauntless that gives you +6 Medic perk, which is so good for reviving your allies that you simply need to put all your effort into getting this set.

Even if you can’t get all four components, at least try to get Shocking Gaze (helmet) and Shocking Heart (chestplate), as these two pieces provide you with the Medic perk.

The gloves and boots could be anything else that fits your weapon and overall build, unless you are interested in such perks like Aetheric Attunement and Insulated. The first one charges your lantern by attacking, and the other one allows you to attack electric shields.

Shrowd Armor

  • Strength: Umbral
  • Weakness: Radiant
  • Cell slots: Utility, Power

Just like Nayzaga set you also receive the Medic perk with the Shrowd armor, but only up to +5. If you aren’t interested in the whole set, but would still like to get the Medic perk, then try to get the Bracers as they will give you +3 Medic alone.

However, the whole set is quite valuable due to Rage perk, which increases your damage the lower your health is, and Nine Lives perk, which gives your character a chance to not only reduce damage but even cheat death.

Honestly I just recommend to crafting a complete Shrowd set.

Rezakiri Armor

  • Strength: Radiant
  • Weakness: Umbral
  • Cell slots: Utility, Technique, Mobility

This set may be hard to acquire due to Rezakiri’s impossible hit boxes, but if you can manage it, then you’ll have one of the top-tier armor sets on your hands.

Rezakiri armor is very different from the rest of the sets in the game and is very much focused on damage instead of resistances.

Its three main perks are Energized, which increases your weapon’s meter gain; Agility, which reduces stamina while dodging; and most importantly Cunning, which grants a chance to deal double damage.

All these perks are very good in combat, so it would be wise to craft all the pieces of this set and max the perks out for a primary DPS build.

Embermane Armor

  • Strength: Blaze
  • Weakness: Shock
  • Cell slots: Defense, Technique, Mobility

Embermane set is a complete opposite of the Rezakiri armor, as it is entirely focused on defense mechanisms.

Although the Evasive Fury perk increases your attack speed while dodging, the other two perks are all about protection. Fireproof perk protects you from being set on fire, which is great against Blaze behemoths, and Evasion perk makes you invincible while dodging.

The only piece of the set that can be ignored is probably the gloves, but the rest of the set is quite valuable, so try to get the helmet, breastplate, and greaves for maximum protection.

Pangar Armor

  • Strength: Frost
  • Weakness: Blaze
  • Cell slots: Defense, Power

This armor is a well-balanced set, which is especially great for Axe builds. It grants one offensive and two defensive perks.

Knockout King is an offensive perk that comes with a helmet and gloves. It simply increases your Stagger damage, which synergizes with such other perks like Pacifier and Weighted Strikes.

The chestplate and the boots provide your character with Fortress perk, which summons a protective shield while dodging, and Warmth perk, which protects against Chilled and Frozen status effects.

Altogether, this is a very solid set for beginner players before you enter The Maelstrom.

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