Need to upgrade your weapons and armor in Dauntless? Here's how to find Dulled Scales!

Dauntless Guide: How to Find Dulled Scales and What They’re For

Need to upgrade your weapons and armor in Dauntless? Here's how to find Dulled Scales!

If you’re going to make your Dauntless character stronger then you’ll need to embrace the game’s resource system. Similar to other games in the genre, Phoenix Labs allows players to upgrade various weapons and armors — as long as you’ve got the right materials. They’re not handed out though; if you want them, you’ll have to work for it.

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Dulled Scales are among the rarer materials you can find, and are pulled from the bodies of the game’s monstrous foes. Hacking and slashing everything in sight won’t get you far though. Keep reading our Dauntless guide to find out where to look for this valuable item.

Finding Dulled Scales in Dauntless

As with most materials, the actual drop rate of the Dulled Scales is dictated by RNG — at a drop rate of roughly 15% reported by some players.

But not just any monster will do. You want to head to the Sheltered Frontier to hunt down monsters that have been shown to drop Dulled Scales:

  • Gnashers
  • Shrikes
  • Skraevs
  • Behemoths

It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s a rogue version of the monster, and targeting specific body parts isn’t required. Gnashers are the weakest of these monsters — doubly so if they’re Rogue. So killing Rogue Gnashers would be the most efficient method of acquiring Dulled Scales.

What Are Dulled Scales Used For in Dauntless?

Dulled Scales are necessary for upgrading specific items and gear, including:

  • Borrowed Armor
    • Borrowed Breastplate
    • Borrowed Gloves
    • Borrowed Greaves
  • Defender Armor
    • Defender’s Helm
  • Gnasher Armor
    • Gnasher Gloves
  • Quillshot Armor
    • Quillmask
    • Quillboots
  • Shrike Armor
    • Shrike Helm
  • Skraev Armor
    • Skraevhelm
    • Skraev Greaves

If you’ve got one of these items and want to upgrade it, then it’s time to start hunting! Which monster did you get your Dulled Scales from? Let us know in the comments below! And check out the rest of our Dauntless guides for more tips and tricks:

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