You've crafted the Ostian Repeaters, but what's next? Here's a quick look at some builds to aim for.

Dauntless Ostian Repeaters Build Guide

You've crafted the Ostian Repeaters, but what's next? Here's a quick look at some builds to aim for.

So you’ve found the Ostian Repeaters in Dauntless, but now you’re faced with a tough decision: how are you going to set up your build to use them most effectively? 

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The Ostian Repeaters aren’t like the majority of weapons in Dauntless; they’re much more modular. Instead of crafting different versions with elemental effects, you craft Barrels to augment your elemental damage, leaving the Chamber and Grip to dictate your skills.

All of this can be swapped out between missions, so there’s a lot of build variety. In this guide, we’ll run through an early-game build to make using the Ostian Repeaters a little friendlier, and take a brief look at a popular late-game build to shoot for.

Early Game Build


Decide which barrel to use based on elemental damage. Each behemoth is weak to one type of damage and resists another. 

These are usually fairly obvious (Ice behemoths are weak to Fire, who’d have thunk it?) but for Neutral behemoths, it’s worth taking your most upgraded barrel into battle.

Don’t bother upgrading the Standard Barrel! It’s no stronger than the other barrels, so you might as well spend your resources elsewhere.  


As it deals the most outright damage, the Salvo Chamber is the recommended chamber to equip during the early-game. The skillshot ability it provides is easy to use and deals a good chunk of damage. 

Even when progressing into late-game builds, the Salvo Chamber is often preferred as you don’t need to worry too much about your positioning or aiming, so long as you’re hitting the behemoth.


There are only two grips to use, and the highly preferred one is the Captain’s Grip. This will give you — and your allies, if you use the empowered version — a 15% buff to damage and attack speed for 12 seconds. 

This is extremely useful in buffing your DPS, but you can consider using the Saboteur’s Grip if another party member is already using this one.


You’ll only have a handful of prisms to equip in the early-game, the best of which is probably the Snowdrift Prism. This gives the last four shots of your magazine small damage and frost damage boosts.


You won’t have any mods to equip until you hit Repeater Mastery Level 6, when you’ll unlock the Capacitive Magazine mod. 

This isn’t exactly ground-breaking, but it can give you a little extension to your DPS by returning four ammo to the magazine for each ability used. So it doesn’t conflict with the Searing Prism passive, try to time your abilities when you have more than four shots remaining, or none at all. 

Late Game Build

Here is a quick run-down of a late-game build. We will add more as we progress through the game. 

  • Barrel
    • The barrel should still be selected based on whatever element is strong against the behemoth you plan on fighting. Just make sure you’re constantly upgrading all of them so you don’t handicap yourself.
  • Chamber: Full-Bore Chamber
    • This is unlocked at Repeater Mastery Level 8, but you need to aim it through the longest part of a behemoth to get the maximum damage.
    • The Salvo Chamber is still a valid alternative if you don’t feel like min-maxing.
  • Grip: Captain’s Grip
    • This is still the best grip to use unless another party member already has it equipped.
  • Prism: Searing Prism
    • This gives the 10th successive hit 250 bonus blaze damage.
    • It’s unlocked after killing a Scorchstone Hellion, a Threat Level 12 behemoth.
  • Mod: Lucky Magazine
    • This mod increases your critical strike chance by 2% for each round missing from the magazine.
    • It’s unlocked at Repeater Mastery Level 16, and has amazing synergy with the Full-Bore Chamber, as your skillshot ability can critical strike.  

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