Music, plants, and local stories: our big guide to all 240 collectibles in Days Gone wraps up with its historical markers, herbology, and music.

Days Gone Collectibles Part Three: Historical Markers, Herbology, and Camp Guitarist

Music, plants, and local stories: our big guide to all 240 collectibles in Days Gone wraps up with its historical markers, herbology, and music.

Days Gone has a whole lot of objects, audio files, radio broadcasts, and other assorted items to collect and save.

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As every collectible counts as an interactive object in the world, they appear on Survival Vision if they’re in range. There’s also a handy checklist in-game that tells you how many of the various collectibles remain to be found in a zone, which can be accessed by pointing your cursor at a blank space on the zone map.

Your first collectible, which will likely be the first herb you pick up, unlocks the Finders Keepers trophy. For further trophies, you have to do some more searching:

  • Getting 121 out of 240 collectibles unlocks the  Wannabe Fortune Hunter trophy.
  • For finding 161 collectibles (or just over 75% of the total count), you get The Broken Roadshow trophy.

This guide will help you find all the collectibles in Days Gone. They’re organized here in the order in which they appear in Deacon’s collection menu. You can check out the first three categories here.

Many of the collectibles are locked behind specific missions, have to do with characters who aren’t introduced until later in the game, or are otherwise riddled with major spoilers.

There do not appear to be any collectibles that become permanently unobtainable. It’s safe to wait until you’ve cleared the game’s story, then go back and use these guides to fill out your collection in free roam.

This is the third of my Days Gone collectibles guide set. Check out my guides to finding the Radio Free Oregon, RIP sermons, and tourism collectibles and characters, NERO intel, and lab notes.

Historical Markers: 43

Like a lot of small-town America, many places in Days Gone‘s Oregon have a history, much of it dating back to the early days of American colonization. Thanks to die-hard rural historians, you can find plaques and displays near buildings and sites that have particular local relevance, and reading them adds the marker to your collectibles library.

When you clear out an ambush camp and take its bunker, you also get a map that labels nearby historical markers in-game, as well as other local points of interest. This is the easiest way to find many of the markers, as several are out in the middle of nowhere and would otherwise be difficult to spot on your own. As a result, this section doesn’t require that much actual explanation.

1 (?): Peter Ogden statue

At time of writing, the statue of famed explorer Peter Skene Ogden outside the Old Pioneer Cemetery in Cascade is labeled as a historical marker on your map, but is glitched and cannot be collected.

2: Grotto Caves – “The Buried Caves”

Check the plaque on the boulder near the entrance to the Grotto Caves in northern Cascade Wilderness. It’s the same cave where you have to stealth in after Lt. Booth in “They’re Not Sleeping,” and later in the game, you can infiltrate a different nearby cavern to find a NERO research site.

3: Caldera Reservoir – “Bombs In the River”

The reservoir in question is northeast from the O’Leary Mountain Safehouse in Cascade, near the old hydroelectric dam.

You’ll visit the general area much later in the game for a mission with Rikki, but won’t get anywhere near the historical marker. You can find it on a bulletin board on the north side of the hydroelectric plant, in what a nearby sign identifies as the “Metolius Springs Recreation Area.”

4: Rainbow Falls – “Path of the Spirits”

Head east from the Jefferson Rail Tunnel ambush camp in northern Cascade until you spot a picturesque waterfall.

5: Peaceful Lake – “Battle on the Misty Lake”

Leave Copeland’s Camp via the south gate and check a boulder overlooking the nearby lake. It’s south of the big smoldering bonfire.

6: Teller Cabin – “The Horror House”

Read the plaque on the boulder next to the half-finished house about 150 meters north of Copeland’s Camp in the Cascade Wilderness.

7: Belknap Crater – “Belknap’s Volcano”

There’s a tall hill about halfway between Marion Forks and the Belknap Caves bunker with this historical marker on it. It’d be difficult to find on its own, but you can get it labeled by clearing the Belknap Caves ambush point.

8: Salome Hot Springs – “The Salt Springs”

There’s a small town just outside the Hot Springs encampment in western Belknap, and the largest building in it is a ruined hotel. This marker is on a boulder to its south, overlooking a spring.

9: Belknap Caves – “The Lava River Caves”

This is one of three markers that get unlocked on your map by clearing the Belknap Caves ambush camp, but finding it is tricky. Visit the nearby Belknap Caves National Monument building (you’re eventually sent here as part of the “You’re Safe Now” quest chain), and explore in the building’s back area. You’ll have to descend through the creepy, Ripper-chic caves and come out the other side to find the marker in question.

10: McKenzie Pass – “Robber’s Pass”

Look in the valley east from Crazy Willie’s gas station in Belknap.

11: Indigenous Petroglyphs – “Stories in Stone”

Check the northern end of the big lake northeast of Marion Forks in Belknap.

12: Memorial of the Unknown Mailman – “Pioneer Mailman”

There’s a rest area full of abandoned cars northeast of the Black Crater Ambush Camp in Belknap, with a big pale gnarled tree on one end. The plaque is on a boulder underneath that tree. This is difficult to find on your own, but thankfully, an icon appears on your map after you clear the ambush camp at Black Crater.

13: Three Fingered Jack Viewpoint – “Old Hot Fingers”

Check the plaque on the campsite atop the hill south of the Bear Creek Hot Springs in Belknap.

14: The Lava Arch – “Lava River Cave”

From where you found Historical Marker #9, above, head northwest along the road and you’ll find it.

15: Berley Lake – “The Moon Country”

Check the campsite northwest from the Santiam Tunnel NERO checkpoint in Lost Lake, along the southeastern border of the zone.

16: Moon Trees – “Grown From Outer Space”

This is one of the few legitimately hidden historical markers, or else the map icon for it is bugged. Check the southern side of the stonework that surrounds the big tree out front of the clubhouse in Iron Mike’s encampment.

17: Metolius Lava Cave – “Distillery Cave”

Take the dirt road going almost directly north from Iron Mike’s encampment in Lost Lake. The cave at the top of the hill has this marker in front of it. (Be sure to go into the cave for a piece of NERO intel.)

18: Architectural Memorial – “The Community Builder”

In Lost Lake, read the plaque on the northwest exterior wall of the county courthouse in Sherman’s Camp. (You’ll eventually visit the same courthouse for a mission with Iron Mike.)

19: Booker-Hicks Logging Camp – “The Wandering Timber Town”

The logging camp in question is north-northeast from Wizard Island in Crater Lake. You end up dropping a lot of bodies in this camp, first as part of an unmissable story mission with Kouri, and later on while you’re tracking down a Wizard Island bounty. While you’re here, you can find the historical marker on the wall outside its western exit.

20: Camp Pioneer – “The Grand Campsite”

Found in the center of Camp Pioneer, naturally, north of the Rogue Camp in the Lost Lake region. You’ll visit the area a couple of times, most notably on your sortie into Ripper territory during “Playing All Night” in the “He’s My Brother” chain.

21: Lost Cabin Mine – “The Goldmine”

Read the plaque on the wall to the left of the entrance to the Lost Cabin Mine in northwestern Crater Lake. You’re sent here on an errand during the “A Good Soldier” missions on an errand for Weaver, so this is an easy pickup.

22: Crater Lake – “The Volcanic Lake”

The Crater Lake Visitor’s Center is due southeast of Wizard Island in Crater Lake, on the other side of the water. The marker is a little difficult to spot, as it’s a poster on the wall instead of the usual plaque.

23: Crater Lake – “The Native American Legend”

Atop the bluffs almost directly east from Wizard Island in Crater Lake, across the water, you can find this marker on an otherwise featureless plateau. This is actually a nice location for herb collecting and photo mode.

24: Outlaw Memorial – “The Oregon Legend”

Read the plaque next to the front door of the motel across the street from the church in Marion Forks.

25: Captain Jack – “The Modoc Warrior”

From where you found Historical Marker #9, above, head northwest along the road. It’ll be on your left.

26: The 45th Parallel – “The Halfway Point”

There’s a gas station just northeast from Iron Mike’s camp in Lost Lake. Southwest from it, the historical marker can be found on a short hill.

27: Crater Lake – “The Old Man of the Lake”

Look along the road on the northern edge of Crater Lake, northeast from Wizard Island, for a couple of benches and this historical marker.

28: Mazama Village – “The New Deal Projects”

Mazama Village has a historical marker by its entrance. It’s a little cluster of houses crammed into the southwest corner of Crater Lake, behind the general store you’re sent to during “Afraid of A Little Competition?” and north from the Spruce Lake NERO Checkpoint.

29: Mazama Falls – “The Silent Falls”

Check the plaque outside Dead Coyote Lava Cave in southwestern Crater Lake. There’s a NERO research site inside, and you’re also sent here after a bounty target in “Keeping Souvenirs.”

30: The Phantom Ship – “The Ghost on the Water”

You can find this on top of the eastern bluffs that overlook Wizard Island, a bit to the south of where you found #23.

31: Camp Adair – “The War Games”

 On the same bluffs east of Wizard Island in Crater Lake, where you found historical markers #23 and #30, go a little further inland to the east. There’s a house up here with a historical marker in its yard.

32: Gentleman Bandit Memorial – “Poetic Justice”

Just south of Chemult Community College in Highway 97.

33: Bill “The Grey Fox” Miner – “Oregon’s Worst Bandit”

The town of Chemult is in Highway 97, the zone east of Crater Lake, and is home to two historical markers. The first of the two is just south of town, at the train station. Be careful if you’re there during the day, as a Horde is holed up inside the wrecked train cars.

34: The Stagecoach Legend – “Rushing for Gold”

As #33, this marker is in Chemult, right across the street from the Horseshoe Cafe, and is labeled on your map when you take the Aspen Butte ambush camp to the west.

35: Japanese Balloon Bomb – “The Casualties of War”

Just northwest of the Bare Bay Ambush Camp in Highway 97.

36: Margaret Alice Miller – “The Weeping Angel”

When you return to the Old Pioneer Cemetery on the “Finding Leon” quest, you walk right up to this statue. It’s probably the first historical marker you’ll find.

37: Devil’s Lake – “View of the Cascades”

Check north of the Rippers’ sniper tower in Iron Butte once you get through their checkpoint during “Playing All Night.”

38: Waldo Lake – “The Oregon Conservationist”

This one’s a little bit of a knife-twist. It’s found in southern Iron Butte, south of the ruined dam and north of the Redwood RV Park, overlooking the drained lakebed. Nice one, Deacon.

39: Snowbrush Ranch – “The First Alpaca Farm”

The marker’s on a rock on the north side of a big yellow house south of the Ripper checkpoint between Lost Lake and Iron Butte, on the Iron Butte side. It’s right across the road from marker #41, below. Sadly (?), you do not have to fight a zombie alpaca.

40: Iron Butte Ranch – “The Summer Marsh”

You’ll get a historical marker for this one when you clear the Redwood RV Camp ambush point to the south of it. It’s on a hill to the southeast, overlooking what used to be the golf resort in Iron Butte.

41: Iron Butte – “The Iron Mountain”

You’d probably never just stumble across this, since you have to do a bit of climbing to reach it, but taking the Wagon Road Ambush Camp in northeastern Iron Butte labels this on your map. It’s just south of the Ripper checkpoint between Iron Butte and Lost Lake, and if you roam around a bit, you can find a climbable section of the rock face nearby.

42: Lucky Lad Mine – “The Gold Rush Mine”

Check next to the mine entrance about 400 meters south of Iron Mike’s Farm in Lost Lake. The marker shows up on your map when you clear out the Marauder ambush camp at Deerborn; you also end up heading there eventually during the “Earning Our Keep” missions.

43: Iron Butte Meteorite – “Gift From the Sky”

Directly due south of the Wagon Road Ambush Camp in Iron Butte, along the east border of the zone, on the side of the road.

Herbology: 33

This refers to all the various herbs, mushrooms, and berries you can pick from the wilderness. You can pick up a cheap skill early on that labels them on your minimap for easier hunting.

Your craftable Cocktails, which provide a short-term buff to your health, stamina, and focus regeneration, require berries, herbs, and mushrooms to make. It doesn’t matter which ones you have on you; as long as it counts as a mushroom, for example, you can make a Focus Cocktail out of it.

You can also turn collected plants in to the Kitchen vendors in encampments for small amounts of local reputation and credits, which is enough to keep you in fuel, bike repairs, and ammo.

Completing your herbology collection can be surprisingly difficult. Several plants only appear in isolated corners of the map. There are a few places you can go to consistently find specific spawn points for one herb or another, such as the O’Leary Mountain safehouse, but this is still a big time sink.

1: Bearberry

Commonly found in the plains surrounding Iron Mike’s in Lost Lake.

2: Black Currant

A bush of Black Currant grows right in the O’Leary Mountain safehouse, behind the big stack of cut lumber in the corner of the yard. It’s not hard to find more throughout Cascade.

3: Bristly Manzanita

This is found all over the place in Cascade, and somewhat less commonly in Belknap, Iron Butte, and Crater Lake.

4: Bunchberry

Found in southeastern Crater Lake.

5: Cloudberry

Check in the snowy areas around the southern edge of Lost Lake.

6: Crowberry

Northern Belknap seems to be more likely to have this berry bush.

7: Desert Hackberry

The official berry spawn of Crater Lake.

8: Golden Currant

A berry native to the Iron Butte region.

9: Salmon Berry

This can be found in northeastern Cascade around the Grotto Caves.

10: Agoseris

I found a bush of this in southern Belknap, east of the Black Crater Ambush Camp. You’re sent to the area relatively late in the game for “I’ll Double It,” one of Hot Springs’s camp missions. I have never seen Agoseris grow anywhere else.

11: Arrowhead

This commonly grows near bodies of water throughout Cascade and Belknap.

12: Beargrass

An herb native to the Iron Butte region.

13: Bistort

This grows along the southern edge of Crater Lake. Check in the yards of the houses along South Rim Drive.

14: Bitterroot

This is a rare find at high elevations in Belknap.

15: Blue Camas

An easy-to-find, tall plant native to the Iron Butte and Crater Lake regions.

16: Bulrush

This is native to the wetlands in Lost Lake, found to the west and south of Iron Mike’s encampment. Bulrush is the only reason to go to these wetlands at all, which can make it difficult to stumble across on your own.

17: Coltsfoot

I found a bush of this growing on one of the abandoned farms in northeastern Lost Lake.

18: Indian Pipe

A rare find in the rocky soil along the mountains in eastern Iron Butte.

19: Mayweed

As the name suggests, this is a common find in almost all zones. It grows all over the place.

20: Mountain Sorrel

Despite the name, this grows all over Cascade, as well as Iron Butte. It’s easy to find some near your first safehouse.

21: Silverweed

I found some in northwestern Crater Lake, at a high elevation on the mountainside outside the Lost Cabin Mine.

22: Stonecrop

This seems to be easiest to find in tall places in Belknap. I found one atop the hill south of the Bear Creek Hot Springs.

23: Wild Bergamot

You should find some without trying very early in the game. It grows wild near O’Leary Mountain in Cascade.

24: Wood Lily

There’s a consistent spawn for a bush of Wood Lily by the fuel tank in the O’Leary Mountain Safehouse. You can grab some early in the game, and keep grabbing more every time you go back.

25: Lavender

Unmissable. Finding some Lavender is the goal of the “Give Me A Couple Days” mission in Boozer’s “He’s My Brother” chain. It’s found on the shores of a lake north of your first safehouse, but can be found near rivers and lakes in a lot of different places after that.

Notably, unlike every other plant you can harvest in the wild, lavender is a Sterilizer, rather than an herb, berry, or mushroom. As such, it can be used as an ingredient for Cocktails and Bandages.

26: Golden Chantrelle

A yellow mushroom that’s native to Crater Lake, where it can be found at any elevation.

27: Horn of Plenty

The most commonly available mushroom in Cascade.

28: Ink Cap

These get more common in Cascade as you go further northeast.

29: King Bolete

Found growing in the wilderness throughout the Cascade region.

30: Larch Bolete

This mushroom is the lone plant that’s unique to Iron Butte. I found some in the northeastern part of the zone, around the old NERO dig site.

31: Mica Cap

A mushroom native to the Lost Lake region.

32: Scaly Hedgehog

Found in the wilderness in eastern Cascade, parts of Belknap, and Crater Lake.

33: Water Hemlock

Unmissable. This can be found in the marshlands in southern Highway 97. However, you won’t be able to pick it at all until you pick up the late-game mission “I’ve Got A Plan” in Wizard Island. Notably, water hemlock is considered a poison for purposes of crafting, rather than an herb, but it still benefits from the Green Thumb skill.

Camp Guitarist: 6

Even after the end of the world, people need a little downtime. If you’re in Iron Mike’s encampment in Lost Lake around sunset, a musical performance may begin in the gazebo behind the Bounties shack. It’ll show up on your minimap as a question mark icon, as if it’s a random encounter in the open world.

You receive credit for the collectible as soon as the song starts, and don’t have to stick around for the whole thing (although “Mirrors” kinda slaps).

1: Yesterday
2: Mirrors
3: Our Lies
4: Perfect
5: She’s My Drug
6: Sun Won’t Shine


Check out the rest of our massive guide to Days Gone‘s collectibles where we delve into seeking out NERO intel, characters, and lab notes as well as Radio Free Copeland, RIP sermons, and tourism-related collectibles. That’s not all, though — we have a few guides for Days Gone you may be interested in as well.

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