Dead Island 2: Haus – How to Reach the Diner

Destroy the Dark Brains so you can reach another area in Dead Island 2: Haus.

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There are a few objectives that you need to tackle in the cult’s manor. Our guide discusses how to reach the Diner in Dead Island 2: Haus, so you can progress further in this DLC’s chapter. 

How to Reach the Diner in Dead Island 2: Haus

To reach the Diner in Dead Island 2: Haus, you’ll need to destroy the Dark Brains using the crossbow. Don’t worry about the weapon itself, since you’ll obtain it as part of normal progression in the DLC’s first act, known as The Invitation. This takes place shortly after undergoing the Rites of Passage and helping out Veronique with her task, which leads to the forest area of the manor.

Dark Brain Locations in the Forest

There are several Dark Brains found in the forest, and you need to destroy them if you want access to the Dead Island 2: Haus Diner area. There are three that are fairly close to the metal gate leading to the Diner:

  • Two are on the wall just above and to the side of the gate.
  • One is stuck on a tree just past the gate. You can shoot it through one of the openings.

When I did this objective, I also noticed a few other Dark Brains nearby. As of the time of this writing, I can’t confirm if they’re also required to gain access to the Diner. In my case, I already destroyed them by the time I took out the remaining brain behind the gate:

  • There’s a Dark Brain underneath a tree trunk. You’ll see it if you follow the tendrils leading out of the gate.
  • One more can be found on a tree just across the dirt path. It’s next to an abandoned car.

How to Beat Long Piglet

Now that you’ve shot all the Dark Brains with your crossbow, you’ll be able to enter the Diner section of the manor. Approach the building to trigger a cutscene where a deranged cultist named Long Piglet appears.

Long Piglet is just a Crusher variant, which means he has jumping attacks where he smashes the ground. Try to jump when this occurs or stay on top of the cars in the parking lot. If you get hit by the shockwave, your character will get knocked down.

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Once Long Piglet has been defeated, you’ll be able to enter the building. Inside, you’ll find a handful of clues, as well as the Hog Roaster weapon. This cleaver has fire-imbued effects.

That’s everything you need to know about how to reach the Diner in Dead Island 2: Haus. A bit later in this DLC campaign, you’ll have to enter the Ark of Ascension. Likewise, for more about Hell-A and related DLCs, you can visit our DI2 guides hub.

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