Need to level up fast or earn a lot of cash without much effort? Take advantage of these Dead Rising 4 glitches for maximum effect!

Dead Rising 4 Best Glitches and Exploits for Infinite PP / Scrap

Need to level up fast or earn a lot of cash without much effort? Take advantage of these Dead Rising 4 glitches for maximum effect!

To become the best zombie killing machine possible, Frank will need to earn lots of PP (the Dead Rising equivalent of EXP) to unlock new skills and piles of Scrap to buy vehicles or equipment.

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If you don’t like doing things the old fashioned way and earning your level ups, there are methods of working smarter rather than harder and very quickly leveling (or becoming quite rich) by taking advantage of exploits.

Dead Rising 4 features a series of glitches or odd design choices that mostly cause problems – the Investigate The Rumors mission in particular seems to be bugged – but there are a few helpful exploits available by taking advantage of the game’s checkpoint loading system, allowing you to earn large amounts of PP and scrap very quickly.

Below we cover the best methods currently available that hopefully won’t be patched out anytime soon.

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Unlimited PP Glitch

In Case 3 of the main story campaign during the Tracking The Signal mission objective you will find a room where you can pick up an Exo suit. Grab the ice machine directly behind the Exo suit and combine them, then head out of the house through the garage to find a horde of zombies waiting to be frozen to bits.

Keep firing off the combo suit’s freeze effect to very quickly earn an absurd hit streak, since you will hit large numbers of zombies with every charge attack. Your multiplier will rise exponentially very, very quickly, resulting in rapid level gain. Feel like gaining 10, 20, 30 levels in just a few minutes? Have at it and keep firing!

 Icing zombies to reach high levels quickly

Here’s the catch though: you don’t want to run out of zombies (thereby dropping your hit streak) or leave the area. Before you reach a new checkpoint, just simply go into the menu and re-load the last checkpoint… keeping your level but respawning all the zombies. Rinse and repeat with the Exo suit / ice machine combo to gain as many levels as you want.

There are several other areas with similar exploits available, like the church in West Ridge that also has an Exo suit and a vacuum power up that sends 10 – 20 zombies flying to their messy deaths with each hit.

Quick Scrap Gain Exploit

Go to an area with an ATM nearby, then reload your check point so that you see where you are spawning and don’t leave that area or advance the plot so you keep respawning in that same location each time you load the checkpoint.

To make this work, find a checkpoint that is as close to an ATM as possible to save time. The idea here is to get as much Scrap as possible with as little effort spent as possible. Run up to the ATM and crack it open to get the Scrap, which will be a variable amount each time. With luck, you’ll earn 3 – 5k Scrap each time.

Immediately afterwards, just reload the checkpoint again and repeat the process. You will will always keep the scrap you harvest, but the ATM will be loaded with scrap again when you load the check point – meaning you can quickly earn large amounts of Scrap without having to kill tons of zombies or search across the map for new ATMs.

It’s the apocalypse, so it’s not like the bank needs the money…

These are best Dead Rising 4 exploits and glitches we’ve found so far – let us know if you used them, and be sure to offer up any other helpful bugs you’ve discovered for faster leveling!

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