Dead Rising 4 Complete Guide Collection

Need help with anything at all in Dead Rising 4? We've got a guide to cover you!

Need help with anything at all in Dead Rising 4? We've got a guide to cover you!

There’s a ton to do across Dead Rising 4‘s open, sandbox world of Willamette, and with the story timers removed, there’s a lot more leisurely time to see all the sights and kill all the zombies!

From finding and photographing zombie graffiti to tracking down Capcom Easter egg outfits, putting together ridiculous weapon combos, and even leveling yourself to an absurd degree, you could get lost in all Dead Rising 4 has to offer without some guidance.

It’s a good thing we’ve been putting together guides on nearly every aspect of the game from beginning to end, covering any secrets you need to know if you want to survive the latest zombie outbreak.

All along the way of course you’ll be decking out Frank in silly costumes and hobbling together zombie crushing vehicles with these guides in hand.

Full List Of Dead Rising 4 guides:

That’s all the guides we have on Dead Rising 4 at the moment. Do you have a question or need help with another area of the game? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll get on putting together more Dead Rising 4 walkthrough content!

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