Can't get into a locker to find those awesome weapon combo blueprints? We show you how to get every last locker key in the game!

Dead Rising 4 Complete Locker Key Locations Guide

Can't get into a locker to find those awesome weapon combo blueprints? We show you how to get every last locker key in the game!

To get the best combo weapon blueprints in Dead Rising 4, you need to find a variety of hidden locker keys scattered across the map (separate from the Zom-B Safe keys that open new safe house locations).

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Located in the Willamette Memorial Megaplex and beyond into the various areas of the city itself, locker keys give access to a bunch of goodies you’ll want to unlock to fully experience all Dead Rising 4 has to offer!

Unfortunately, most of the keys are in different areas than the lockers they open, so you’ll have to do quite a bit of traveling to find all those blueprints, but the results are well worth the effort.

Below we cover how to find every single locker key in the game. Need more help with other aspects of the game? Be sure to also check out:

Baron Von Brauthaus Locker Key

Found at the Medieval Village map section of the Megaplex, this locker key is sitting on a table inside the middle of the Burger Fiefdom store.

Baron Von Brauthaus Key

Big Buck Hardware Locker Key

Leave the mall behind and head to the Old Town section at the sound end of the map to find this locker key. The key is located in an empty lot near Big Buck’s Hardware and is on the ground next to the giant metal dumpster.

      Big Buck Hardware Key

Construction Site Locker Key

On the east side of the map in the section between North Peak and Old Town you can find the Tornado Convenience Shop and gas station. The key is inside the convenience shop by the ATM.

Construction Site Key

El Mode Design Locker Key

This locker key is located in the security office for the Virago Hotel, located not too far from where you find the Zom-B Safe key in the bathroom. The key is on the floor by a chair in the security office.

          El Mode Design Key

Freebirds Gun Shack Locker Key

Head over to the North Peak section of the map and enter the Glitter Dolls Night Club. The key is on the bar counter near the stairs and flashing strobe lights.

Freebirds Gun Shack Key

Froztee’s Locker Key

Travel to the Amazon Food Court in the Memorial Megaplex and look for a giant bar section near the middle. The key is on the circular bar counter.

Froztee’s Key

Kippax Cement Locker Key

On the west side of the North Peak area is a car repair store called McKenize Auto Shop. Head inside and you can find the key on the counter just before the door that leads into the back garage.

          Kippax Cement Key

Pirate Cove’s Restaurant Locker Key

Travel to the Caribbean Cove section of the Willamette Memorial Complex and head up to the second floor, then walk to the far south wall. The locker key is sitting on a body by the curved staircase.

Pirate Cove Key Location

McKenzie Auto Locker Key

This locker key is found inside the Zom-B Safe room inside the McKenzie Auto store itself.

McKenzie Auto Key Location

Obscuris Locker Key

Outside the front of the Central Plaza in the Wilamette Memorial Megaplex, look for a military tent. The main storyline will automatically prompt you to head to this location during the first Case, so it should be simple to find.

Obscuris Key Location

Have you come across any other Dead Rising 4 locker keys while exploring the zombie outbreak of Willamette? Let us know about them in the comments section so we can get them added to this master list!

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