Can't find the files in the Willamette City Hall Archives? You aren't alone - but we can show you exactly where to look to finish this annoying quest objective!

Dead Rising 4 Mission Guide: This Filing System Is So 1985

Can't find the files in the Willamette City Hall Archives? You aren't alone - but we can show you exactly where to look to finish this annoying quest objective!

Frank West is back on the case in Dead Rising 4 and ready to discover why there’s another zombie outbreak in Willamette — and why a group of shady, high-tech mercenaries are already on the scene!

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Most of the missions are quite straightforward, but one quest objective in particular has been causing players some serious grief. During Case 2 – Invasion Of Main Street during the Investigating Obscuris section you will eventually head to the Willamette City Hall Archives located in Old Town.

In the basement section while your mission objective reads Investigate The Archives you’ll see a sub-heading labeled “This filing system is so 1985.”

It’s this part that has been vexing many players, as the mess of a filing room is filled with nearly identical looking cabinets and shelving, and there’s not a clear indication of where you are supposed to be looking. Sure, it’s the zombie apocalypse and all, but somebody really needs to organize that filing room!

This Filing System Is So 1985 Completion

The easiest way to complete this objective is to head to the corner of the basement where Paula is standing next to a map on the wall and some shelving. Turn around so you are facing away from Paula and towards the wall of regularly spaced filing shelves.

Don’t worry about searching each section manually, because you are going straight to the objective. Walk forward from Paula, but instead of going down the section of shelving you are currently looking at (which has two tall standing filing cabinets and a knocked over filing cabinet against the wall), turn right and then immediately back left to go down the very next section over instead.

Head Down This Section Across From The Table

You will know you are in the right section because a partially knocked over table covered in boxes will be behind you as you walk forward, and ahead at the end of the wall will be four shorter filing cabinets standing upright.

Turn your camera’s night vision setting on so you can see hidden clues. What you are looking for is the small white filing cabinet second from the right, and you want to point your camera towards the bottom of the cabinet. While looking there, eventually the “open” command will appear.

Opening the cabinet and then taking a picture of the evidence will remove the “This filing system is 1985” objective and also complete the “Damn, all the files are gone except…” mission objective.

This Filing System Is So 1985 Objective Location

That’s it! You’ve saved yourself an hour of frustrating searching with no map blip telling you where to go. With the “This filing system is so 1985” objective completed you are now ready to move on to the next part of the story at Dodd’s Drug Store.

If you are going for a completion run through of Dead Rising 4, don’t leave the archives basement quite yet though. Head down that hallway on the right side all the way to the back room to find a little piece of Capcom memorabilia — a costume of Haggar from the Final Fight series that you can pick up and wear for the rest of the game.

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