Has there ever been a more ludicrous series than Dead Rising? Part 4 doesn't disappoint on the silly front!

Dead Rising 4’s Craziest Outfits, Weapons, and Cut Scenes

Has there ever been a more ludicrous series than Dead Rising? Part 4 doesn't disappoint on the silly front!

From the hearse / trebuchet combo that is the Sling Rot vehicle to a weed whacker with knife blades attached that creates a spinning death wheel, Dead Rising 4 is filled to the brim with crazy weapons, outfits, and even cut scenes.

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Frank West returns in style in this installment of the series, which is even more over-the-top than anything that’s come before. Below we round up some of the most ridiculous examples found throughout the game — all adding up to a hilariously deadly time! 

Colonel Park Shows The Wrong Photo

About a half an hour into the game, there’s a story cut scene where Frank is meeting with Colonel Brad Park about the zombie cover up situation in Willamette.

Colonel Park means to show a photo of Frank’s journalistic protege on his phone, but accidentally presses the wrong button and instead shows a beefcake who sent a naughty selfie. Awkward…

     Woops, honest mistake!

Frank Goes Cosplaying

Every Dead Rising game features absolutely ludicrous outfits for the main character to try on, including quite a bit of Capcom memorabilia from across that company’s varied gaming history. Megaman, Final Fight, and more all get costume entries at one point or another.

One such outfit in Dead Rising 4’s nonsense lineup clearly wasn’t meant for a male to wear, but that’s certainly not going to stop Frank from trying on a Darkstalkers Morrigan costume…

 Frank’s got that junk in his trunk!

Dino Costume

It’s maybe not as sexy as Morrigan, but both the dinosaur and shark costumes make this game absolutely hilarious as they get covered in obscene amounts of gore while you wield an array of zombie destroying combo weapons. Get them bloody enough, and they go from silly to truly terrifying!

 Just wait till this gets a little dirty!

Ice Chain Gun

Dead Rising can always be relied on for some crazy weapons (I’m partial to the teddy bear sentry gun from part 2), and Dead Rising 4 keeps up the tradition admirably.

One ranged weapon in particular worth looking out for is the ice chain gun, that literally freezes zombies solid so you can shatter them to pieces. Physics and realism are not a known staple of the series.

Freeze, don’t move!

Magic Wand

Yep, that’s a real, functioning magic wand. Why are there spells in this universe? Who cares — its funny! The wand doesn’t just damage and knock back zombies, it also occasionally turns them into gingerbread men and giant candy canes. Isn’t Christmas a magical time of year?

Expecto Patronum! Wait, no, that’s not this one…

Return Of The Trike

If there’s one thing Dead Rising has taught us, its that zombies are deathly allergic to children’s tricycles! It’s a little known fact that being slightly bumped by trikes will actually kill a zombie as easily as a bullet to the head.

 There just are no words for this nonsense.

The Selfies

Besides bringing back the camera mechanic from the first game, Dead Rising 4 adds in a few new twists, like the ability to take a range of hilarious selfies with the undead! Run up to one and give it a shot to see if you can get something sillier than this.

 Nice shot Frank, just watch your fingers man!

What did you think was the most crazy and silly moment from Dead Rising 4? Let us know in the comments section!

When you’re done dying of laughter, if you need to find some guide material for the game, be sure to check out our walkthroughs here:

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