Timed modes, greater difficulty and a true ending to the story are on the horizon... if you shell out for the season pass.

Dead Rising 4’s True Ending and a Timed Mode to Return… With DLC

Timed modes, greater difficulty and a true ending to the story are on the horizon... if you shell out for the season pass.

Removing time limits, changing how health works and allowing players to build any combos on the fly are all major changes to the zombie killing series that arrived with the freshly unearthed Dead Rising 4.

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While those who enjoy a less frustrating experience have welcomed the changes, many hardcore fans who have been around since the first game long for a return to what made the series unique in the zombie universe.

Those fans will finally get a chance at a more classic Dead Rising experience in the not-to-distant future, but for a price.

Dead Rising 4 Timed Mode And A True Ending

Remember that utterly absurd Overtime Mode from the original Dead Rising and various modified versions in the sequels? A new rendition of that play mode is coming… if you buy the DLC. 

Adding impetus to pick up the impending expansion is that the game’s actual true and final ending can only be seen through this DLC. If you’ve finished the campaign, (SPOILERS .. if you haven’t) you’ll know the ending is a cliffhanger that doesn’t quite resolve the story and leaves Frank in a very precarious position. 

Tiered endings providing differing amounts of information depending on how far you actually made it to the end aren’t anything new to the series, of course. That’s been occurring since the first game, with the “true” endings only becoming available if you wade through increasingly difficult end game content.

But never before have Dead Rising players been required to buy the ending with a separate purchase.

As it stands, the only way to get a classic timer experience and the game’s full, complete ending is to buy the season pass or get the Deluxe Edition of Dead Rising 4. The season pass will run you $19.99, while the Deluxe Edition is a more intimidating $79.99.

Frank Rising DLC

Part of the season pass will be the “Frank Rising” DLC, set to conclude’s Frank’s story after being apparently left for dead in Willamette. There’s no release date yet on that piece of the season pass, however.

However, there’s a potential upside here for PS4 owners who are going to have to wait a year before playing — by that point, it may all be bundled together, cheaper than buying the Deluxe Edition for Xbox One!

What do you think of the decision to gate the game’s real ending behind a DLC paywall, and do you plan on picking up the Dead Rising 4 season pass?

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