Mort the Daughter of Death
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Death Must Die: Easiest Way to Get Ghost Matter Achievement

Your best strategies for completing a No Hit Run in Death Must Die!

When Death himself is your target, getting through his minions and defeating him without taking damage seems like a tall order. And that’s exactly what this achievement asks you to do. To help you out, here’s the easiest way to get the Ghost Matter achievement in Death Must Die.

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The Easiest Way to Get the Ghost Matter Achievement in Death Must Die

Ghost Matter requires you to complete a run by defeating Death without taking any damage the entire time.

Which Character Should You Play?

Death Must Die Campfire Character Selection
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You have a couple choices for which character to use because the real trick to this achievement comes from the gods’ help and equipment. I have the best luck with Kront, but I’ve seen other players preferring to use Nixi, Merris, or Avoron for Ghost Matter.

Since this achievement relies on not taking damage, you’ll want plenty of dice to manipulate the buffs that the gods offer you. This is because specific buffs are incredibly helpful for this run. And you’ll likely have to do several runs on any build to get the achievement because it’s not an easy task.

God Buffs for Ghost Matter

Winter Goddess of Cold
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Winter, Mort, and Lady Justice are going to be your best friends for Ghost Matter. Every buff that Winter offers aside from Frozen Treasure helps you here because they revolve around freezing enemies. Lady Justice gives you shields and a buff that smites enemies, but it’s the shield that’s a great help with this achievement.

And then, there’s Mort. Mort’s Mayhem buff is absolutely broken. You gain permanent damage every time an enemy dies from Cursed. This means that getting other buffs from Mort feeds into that by spreading Cursed, such as Malady and Ravens of Pestilence. The Ravens have the added bonus of killing enemies at a distance, which helps pretty much every character by keeping enemies from getting close.

Luck Nixi Ghost Matter Build

One of the more popular builds that you can use to get Ghost Matter is the Luck Nixi build. This has you stack Luck bonuses and use boots with +1 Dash to capitalize on her mobility. She has a perk that scales luck, and then you go for Mayhem, Malady, and other Mort buffs to tear through enemies. It also doesn’t hurt to grab god buffs that deal damage when you dash, such as Winter’s Dive.

And that covers the easiest way to get the Ghost Matter Achievement in Death Must Die. While there’s a bit of flexibility when it comes to the easiest ways to do a run without being hit, there’s an element of luck and persistence that’s required as well. From here, check out our DMD guides hub for more topics like our ranking of best characters or the best way to farm gold.

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