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Death Must Die Best Characters Ranked

The five primary characters of Death Must Die ranked from worst to best.

With a total of seven characters to choose from, it’s clear that each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. But regardless of playstyle, some characters are simply stronger than others given the gameplay mechanics. Here are my rankings of the best characters in Death Must Die.

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Death Must Die Characters Ranked From Worst to Best

You start with only Avoron, the knight, and have to unlock the other six characters. However, this list will only include the default characters that you earn through runs. Any others that are unlocked through achievements and therefore incredibly strong, aren’t included. Once those are unlocked, I’d suggest playing the rest of the game with them unless they don’t jive with your playstyle.

5. Avoron

Avoron isn’t a bad character, but you earn other options that fill his roles better. He can take hits fairly well, and he deals primarily melee damage if you don’t include spells and buffs from the gods. He’s a solid choice, and gear can also help him. While he’s great for starting out, he simply isn’t the strongest option you’ll have once unlocking other characters — much less in the end-game. I like getting buffs from Summer on him, especially the Meteor Shower spell because it gives him a bit of ranged damage. Even if you can’t control where that ranged damage lands.

4. Merris

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Merris is the sorceress of the group. As you might expect, that means she’s really squishy. Having a ranged attack as her basic attack can be useful, but the design of Death Must Die swarms you with enemies constantly. Without gear to increase her defense and mobility, killing Death himself isn’t as easy for Merris. She is, however, my personal favorite to play as. Buffs from Lady Justice are incredibly useful on Merris because she can increase your armor and give you health regen. It helps make you a bit less squishy.

3. Skadi

Skadi is very much a jack of all trades and master of none character. Her melee attacks have a decent range, and she’s tanky enough to withstand a lot of hits. But she’s in the middle of my ranking list because she does everything well enough — but nothing great. She simply doesn’t specialize in any one area, and you’d need gear to specialize her if you wanted to go that route. With Skadi, I love buffs from Mort because you can get lifesteal added to your dash, and Sickles of Mort gives you extra damage that’s even ranged. In essence, Mort’s buffs help round out your abilities even more.

2. Kront

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Kront is the tankiest character of the bunch. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put out damage with him, as well. Given his attacks are AoE, gearing him up to deal damage and focusing on damage with buffs from gods makes him into a real beast. His playstyle is like Avoron’s, but he has more survivability since he can wear heavy armor. With Kront, I like buffs from Krom and Leigong. Krom’s Chains of War combined with Kront’s auto attacks create a circle around you that melts enemies. Then, Leigong can give you more movement speed to make up for Kront’s lack of range and mobility.

1. Nixi

Nixi isn’t tanky, but she has a ton of mobility that lets you evade damage easily. Her attacks are melee-based, but they have some reach to them, and she can hit multiple enemies at once. Her mobility is perfect for fighting bosses since it’s easier to avoid taking hits while you’re still able to deal damage. Although as an assassin, it’s not surprising that Nixi’s specialties are avoiding hits and killing enemies. Winter’s buffs are perfect for Nixi because most of them involve freezing or slowing enemies, and that’s a great match for Nixi’s mobility. You can basically become unhittable.

And that wraps up my list of the best characters in Death Must Die. Keep in mind that just because a character is ranked as the best doesn’t mean you have to play them. Merris might not be the best, but she’s my favorite and just as viable as anybody else. Play in any way that makes it fun for you! From here, check out our DMD guides hub for topics, like how to farm gold.

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