Here's how to change class in Deep Rock Galactic so that you can find the perfect class for your playstyle.

Deep Rock Galactic: How to Change Class

Here's how to change class in Deep Rock Galactic so that you can find the perfect class for your playstyle.

New players may find themselves lost on how to change class in Deep Rock Galactic. There are four classes to switch between, each one with its own unique abilities to make use of on assignments. Like any other games with classes, though, you’ll want to try them all out to find the best role for you.

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Changing classes in Deep Rock Galactic is easier than you might think, and we’ll go over it as well as why you may not be able to change class in this guide.

How to Change Class in Deep Rock Galactic

If you’ve just started Deep Rock Galactic and are doing the tutorial assignment, you will not be able to change class until you either leave the tutorial or finish it. The tutorial must be done with the Gunner.

There are four total classes in Deep Rock Galactic:

  • Driller
  • Engineer
  • Gunner
  • Scout

You cannot change class while in an assignment; you can only change class in the lobby.

Go to your (or any other player’s) quarters and look for the Character Selection terminal, which will be to the right if you’ve just spawned or to the left if you’re coming in from the main area of the lobby. Use the Character Selection terminal then make your selection, and you’ll be able to switch to any other dwarf you’d like!.

It’s worth noting that you can’t change class to one that overlaps another, so if you can’t select a dwarf it’s because someone else in your game is currently playing that class.

There is actually a way to get around DRG not allowing duplicate classes: When loading into another player’s game, you can press the “Q” or “E” keys on PC or the triggers on console to swap classes. This can overwrite the game not normally allowing duplicate classes, but only if you do not choose a class while in a solo lobby beforehand.

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