Deep Rock Galactic: How to Unlock Weapons

Here's how to unlock weapons in Deep Rock Galactic, and what to look forward to with each class.

If you're wondering how to unlock weapons for your dwarves in Deep Rock Galactic, the process isn't entirely obvious. But if you play enough, you'll want to go through the effort to get additional weapons for your favorite classes.

Let's go over how to unlock weapons in Deep Rock Galactic, as well as what the additional weapons are for each class and when you can unlock them.

How to Unlock Weapons in Deep Rock Galactic

Each dwarf unlocks new License Upgrade assignments at Levels 5, 10, 15, and 20. License Upgrade missions are how you unlock weapons in the shop, but be aware there are only three total unlockable weapons for each class, and that you will have to buy the weapons yourself once you've unlocked them.

Engineer Unlockable Weapons

  • Plasma Burster (Grenade slot) — Level 5
  • Proximity Mine (Grenade slot) — Level 10
  • "Stubby" Voltaic SMG (Primary slot) — Level 10
  • Breach Cutter (Secondary slot) — Level 15
  • LOK-1 Smart Rifle (Primary slot) — Level 20

Driller Unlockable Weapons

  • High Explosive Grenade (Grenade slot) — Level 5
  • Neurotoxin Grenade (Grenade slot) — Level 10
  • Cryo Cannon (Primary slot) — Level 10
  • Experimental Plasma Charger (Secondary slot) — Level 15
  • Corrosive Sludge Pump (Primary slot) — Level 20

Gunner Unlockable Weapons

  • Incendiary Grenade (Grenade slot) — Level 5
  • Cluster Grenade (Grenade slot) — Level 10
  • "Thunderhead" Heavy Autocannon (Primary slot) — Level 10
  • BRT7 Burst Fire Gun (Secondary slot) — Level 15
  • "Hurricane" Guided Rocket System (Primary slot) — Level 20

Scout Unlockable Weapons

  • Cryo Grenade (Grenade slot) — Level 5
  • Pheromone Canister (Grenade slot) — Level 10
  • M1000 Classic (Primary) — Level 10
  • Zhukov NUK17 (Secondary slot) — Level 15
  • DRAK-25 Plasma Carbine (Primary slot) — Level 20

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That's essentially all you need to know about how to unlock weapons in Deep Rock Galactic. Each of these weapons requires a fair amount of resources to unlock, though they don't require a terrible amount of Credits. Check out our other Deep Rock Galactic guides here on GameSkinny.

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