Demonologist: How to Collect Ghost Orbs

Follow our guide if you want to know how to collect ghost orbs in Demonologist.

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Demonologist offers a number of secondary objectives for you during your investigations. One of the more obscure objectives is collecting white floating orbs. These orbs can’t be counted as evidence, but they do function as ectoplasm, which is the key to solving this objective. Our guide will provide you with tips on how to collect ghost orbs in Demonologist, including easy step-by-step instructions.

How to Collect Ghost Orbs in Demonologist

The objective of collecting ghost orbs may appear randomly during the second stage of your investigation on any of the maps. You’ll see a message on the screen that prompts you to collect ghost orbs. Just follow my simple instructions, and soon you’ll be able to complete this objective:

  1. Proceed with your investigation after the message about the ghost orbs pops up on the screen.
  2. Soon, you’ll notice white floating orbs in the air.
  3. Don’t chase them, or they’ll keep running away from you.
  4. Keep moving slowly, and soon, they’ll approach you on their own.
  5. Once an orb is very close to your character, press the “E” key to grab it.

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Repeat this process with every orb on the map, and you should collect them all to complete the objective. Note that the number of orbs may be random, but typically there aren’t that many. They also often appear in groups, so you can grab them one by one to quickly complete this objective. Once you complete the ghost orb objective and collect lost notes and dead rats, you’ll unlock the “Metaphysical Intelligence Intern” achievement.

That’s everything you need to know on how to collect ghost orbs in Demonologist. Stay tuned for more Demonologist tips and tricks articles right here.

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