Demon's Souls Mercurystone shards, chunks, and pure materials imbue weapons with poison. Here are the best ways to get the upgrade items, as well as where to farm them.

Demon’s Souls Mercurystone Shards, Chunks, & Pure Materials Guide

Demon's Souls Mercurystone shards, chunks, and pure materials imbue weapons with poison. Here are the best ways to get the upgrade items, as well as where to farm them.

Demon’s Souls Mercurystone is an upgrade material that works with knives, curved swords, and spears. There are numerous weapon upgrade paths, such as Bladestone and Moonlightstone, each with their own strengths and benefits. But Mercurystone imbues weapons with poison

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Finding the upgrade materials required for the Mercurystone path isn’t as tough as others in the game, but you still might want to have an idea of where to find them quickly. In this Demon’s Souls Mercurystone guide, I’ll show you the best way to find each upgrade material, including Shards, Chunks, and Pure versions, as well as where to farm them. 

Mercurystone Upgrades

To start down the Mercurystone path, you’ll need to have an applicable weapon upgraded to at least +3. The Mercurystone path caps at +5 and gives a chance to inflict poison on your foe.

Don’t forget to visit Blacksmith Ed in 2-1 to upgrade your weapons. 

Shard of Mercurystone

First up is the easiest of the bunch to find: Shards of Mercurystone. There are a couple of places to get your hands on shadrs, the easiest being from the prisoners armed with an Estoc (as opposed to the unarmed ones) at 3-1, Tower of Latria.

You can also acquire Shards from the Man Centipedes and Giant Man Centipedes at 3-2 and 3-3.

How to Farm Shards of Mercurystone

Instead of trying to farm the prisoners in 3-1, I advise trying your luck with the Man Centipedes. Spawn in at 3-3 and head up the steps right next to the Archstone.

Here, you’ll find several Man Centipedes to take out as you make your way up. Kill any you come across and at the top, start the boss battle with The Old Monk. Let him kill you to repeat the process. 

Chunk of Mercurystone

Chunks of Mercurystone are found the same way as Shards. Take out Giant Man Centipedes or regular Man Centipedes across 3-2 and 3-3 for a chance at one of them dropping the material you’re looking for.

You can also find one on a body in a swamp at 3-2, right next to the Prisoner Horde.

How to Farm Chunks of Mercurystone

The best way to farm Chunks of Mercurystone is to take out Giant Man Centipedes, found at the bottom of 3-2 in the swamp area.

Take one of the elevators down and make your way through the swamp section. The Black Phantom versions of the Giant Man Centipedes seem to have the best chance of dropping chunks, so prioritize them. Once you’ve made it through, jump off a ledge or let an enemy take you out to do it again. 

Pure Mercurystone

As for Pure Mercurystone, it works much like the chunks. They’re dropped from the Giant Man Centipedes in 3-2, with the Red Phantom versions having a slightly better drop rate. 

However, one has a guaranteed drop towards the bottom of the Plague Babies swamp in 5-3 of Valley of Defilement. Spawn at the Dirt Colossus Archstone and head down, through a tunnel below, and go into the swamp on a body.

How to Farm Pure Mercurystone

The best way to farm Pure Mercurystone is to use the method above of taking out Giant Man Centipedes in the swamp of 3-2. Keep doing this until you get the required drop.

And remember, Black World Tendency helps with drop rates, as well. 

Now, you should have everything you need to start upgrading your weapons on the Mercurystone path. Thankfully, finding the required shards, chunks, and pure materials needed for this path isn’t as bad as others in Demon’s Souls. For more Demon’s Souls coverage, check out its hub page here. If you found this guide helpful, consider giving it a share! 


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