The Destiny 2 Aspect of Influence is new to Season of the Chosen. Here's how to get it and what it does for each class.

Destiny 2 Aspect of Influence: How to Get It in Season of the Chosen

The Destiny 2 Aspect of Influence is new to Season of the Chosen. Here's how to get it and what it does for each class.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light introduced players to new abilities fueled by the power of darkness. These abilities are ever-evolving and grow further by acquiring Aspects. They boost your darkness powers, allowing you to change your darkness abilities to suit your playstyle. Season of the Hunt coincided with the release of Destiny 2 Beyond Light, and brought with it the Aspect of Control and Aspect of Destruction. Now, Season of the Chosen has arrived, and with it the Aspect of Influence 

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This Destiny 2 Aspect of Influence guide will walk you through all of the steps needed to acquire this new Season of the Chosen aspect. 

How to Get the Aspect of Influence in Destiny 2

Step 1: Destroy Entropic Shards 

Acquiring the Aspect of Influence starts with a visit to the Exo Stranger on Europa. You will need to have unlocked the Aspects of Control and Destruction for this quest to start (if you haven’t done so yet, we’ve got you covered with this handy guide).

The Exo Stranger will send you to the Well of Infinitude to destroy Entropic Shards, floating chunks of darkness resembling miniature Pyramid Ships. The Shards can only be destroyed by the exotic grenade launcher Salvation’s Grip.

Set a waypoint for your destination in the Well of Infinitude and follow its course. Shortly after arriving in the Well of Infinitude, you will enter a room lit with red light, where you’ll find an open pit to your left. The first shard is floating right near the pit.  

Destroying the shard will summon a wave of enemies. Clear them out, then progress through the cave on the other side of the pit.

The next shard is on the opposite side, right in your path. Continue straight forward. The next shard is also in your path, just a few steps ahead.  

Drop down and proceed through the small opening. You will see the next three shards floating, arranged in an approximately straight line.

Destroy all three shards, clear out all the enemies that spawn (including one nasty boss level Wyvern), and the first step towards the Aspect of Influence will be complete.  

Step 2: The Exo Challenge 

Next, open your map and launch the Exo Challenge event. This a 1270 power level event where you and up to two other guardians defeat waves of Vex while defending a central point.

Once all the waves are defeated, a boss will spawn. Defeating the boss de-spawns all the enemies. Open the chest that appears at the end of the encounter.

Step 3: Commune with the Darkness 

Once that is wrapped up, head back to the Exo Stranger, and ride your sparrow to the ziggurat to the south.

Standing at the center will teleport you aboard a Pyramid Ship. Head up the stairs and interact with the statue to commune with the Darkness and unlock the Aspect of Influence.  

What the Aspect of Influence Does for Each Class

The Aspect of Influence affects each class differently.

  • Hunters are Grim Harvest, which causes melee energy regenerating shards to fall when they kill frozen or slowed enemies.
  • Titans receive Howl of the Storm, allowing them to fire a wave of stasis energy that freezes enemies when they use their melee charge while sliding.
  • Warlocks gain the Bleak Watcher, which turns charged grenades into stationary turrets.  

The Destiny 2 Aspect of Influence is the next step in your guardian’s journey to master the Darkness. And now you have it. For more, consider heading over you our Destiny 2 guides page. 

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