Destiny 2 Baboon Error: What is it?

What is the Baboon Error in Destiny 2? We have the answer!

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While playing Destiny 2 you may have come across the Baboon error. Bungie says that they are actively tracking this issue. With such a weird error name you may be wondering what is the Baboon Error? And how to fix it?

Destiny 2 Baboon Error: What is it? 

The Baboon Error problem can arise from issues like packet loss or disconnections between your home network and Bungie. This might be caused by ISP congestion or general internet traffic. It could also result from specific WiFi configurations or interruptions in mobile hotspot connections. Your disconnect will be automatically reported to Bungie when it happens. 

It should be noted that there is no actual fix for this since it is due to packet loss. If you experience this issue you should switch from WiFi to a wired connection, even if only temporarily. This is a crucial initial troubleshooting step to eliminate the possibility of WiFi signal strength or stability as the cause. You can use the Ookla Speed Test to see your download speed and how many megabytes per second (Mbps) you’re getting.

If you’re encountering this error repeatedly and can’t access Destiny 2, try force closing it by completely shutting down the game and then relaunching it to resolve this issue. If the error persists, Bungie recommends using their Network Troubleshooting Guide. If you encounter this error regularly and are a frequent Destiny 2 player, you may need to get a new router to sort this issue out for good.

How to Force Quit Destiny 2 on Console

Xbox One and Xbox Series X

  1. Press the Xbox button while in-game
  2. Highlight Destiny 2, then press the Menu button.
  3. Choose to quit.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

  1. Hold down the PS button.
  2. Choose to close application.
  3. Agree to close the game.

That’s what the Baboon Error is in Destiny 2. If you have more questions about Destiny 2 or need some tips, check out our dedicated guides hub.

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