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Destiny 2: Best Apex Predator God Rolls

The Apex Predator is one of the best PvE Rocket Launchers in Destiny 2. Here are the god rolls you want.

Rocket Launchers have long been a fantastic DPS option in Destiny 2, and the Apex Predator god roll from Last Wish is the easiest top-tier option in the game. It’s craftable, meaning it can take enhanced perks, and farming for it is fast and relatively consistent. You’ll need a full fireteam, and getting red border weapons puts you at the mercy of RNG, but with the right roll, there’s only one better damage weapon in the game. In this guide, I’ll cover the Destiny 2 Apex Predator god rolls you want to look for.

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Best Apex Predator God Rolls in Destiny 2

The Apex Predator Rocket Launcher is a PvE monster and becomes an even bigger one with its optimal enhanced perks. It doesn’t have nearly as much utility or power in PvP, but if you don’t have a PvP rocket you enjoy or want to justify the time you invested in getting the Apex Predator god roll you want, it can also be usable in the Crucible.

Best Apex Predator PvE God Roll in Destiny 2

  • Barrel: Quick Launch
  • Magazine: Impact Casing
  • Trait 1: Reconstruction
  • Trait 2: Bait and Switch

With this PvE Apex Predator god roll, the rocket launcher offers the second and third-highest DPS rotations in Destiny 2. The only rocket launcher that’s technically better is the Cold Comfort from the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon. But unlike Apex, getting the perfect Cold Comfort is all RNG. It’s not craftable, and while you can farm specific encounters for it, whether you get both Envious Assassin and Bait and Switch on your Cold Comfort — not to mention the other three top-tier perks — is a crapshoot.

Apex is craftable and can thus guarantee both Reconstruction and Bait and Switch and the other two perks and Masterwork you want. You lose about 40,000 total DPS, but I think the relative ease of getting the Apex Predator makes up for it.

Best Apex Predator PvP God Roll in Destiny

  • Barrel: Quick Launch
  • Magazine: Black Powder
  • Trait 1: Tracking Module
  • Trait 2: Explosive Light

Don’t expect this weapon to take PvP by storm, as it’s outdone by almost every other Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2. If you’re using a rocket in PvP, I’d honestly just recommend Gjallarhorn and call it a day. If you’re dead set on it, the above Apex Predator god roll makes it usable in specific situations. You’ll need to both collect Power ammo and then an Orb of Power to make it worthwhile, but it’s not terrible in that situation. Tracking Module makes this PvP Apex Predator god roll a bit more comfortable to use — but, again, I’d say just use something else.

Those are the best Apex Predator god rolls in Destiny 2. If you’re a Hunter with Radiant Dance Machines and Blade Barrage, congratulations: you have the highest possible DPS in the game. Warlocks can be a close second. And Titans? I’m sorry, but your options are a bit more limited. In any event, I hope this info was helpful, and if you’re looking for more god roll guides, check out our articles on the Austringer, Autumn Wind, The Immortal, and more in our D2 guides hub.

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