Destiny 2: Forbearance Grenade Launcher God Roll Guide

Add one of Destiny 2's best wave-frame Grenade Launchers to your collection with this god roll guide to the Forbearance.

Add one of Destiny 2's best wave-frame Grenade Launchers to your collection with this god roll guide to the Forbearance.
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Forbearance is a breach-loading, Special Ammo Arc Grenade Launcher obtainable from the Vow of the Disciple Raid, specifically the Caretaker and Rhulk encounters. It’s also craftable once you earn five Deepsight Resonance versions.

As a “Wave Frame,” it sends out a wave of energy in the direction the shell was facing when its projectile hits the ground. Couple that with its great perk pool and the god roll, Forbearance is a force to be reckoned with.

Forbearance Grenade Launcher PvE God Roll

Basic Launcher Barrel: Quick Launch, Volatile Launch

Quick Launch is much preferred here, as it raises the projectile speed and increases the Forbearance’s handling by a significant margin. Faster projectiles mean more efficient damage and more consistent usage, and extra handling ensures you can keep the weapon ready much easier. Volatile Launch is a passable replacement; it confers a minor disadvantage to both Velocity and Handling but greatly increases the explosive radius. That will make the weapon a little clunkier but deadlier at a greater distance.

Magazine: High-Velocity Rounds

Forbearance only has two Magazine perks, and the only one you should use is High-Velocity Rounds for the same reason as the Quick Launch Barrel. Better Handling and Projectile Speed make for a better all-around weapon.

PvE Trait 1: Ambitious Assassin, Unrelenting

Ambitious Assassin outshines all the other perks in the first Trait slot. Having the ability to put out two wave frame projectiles without reloading is a dream. Just defeat a single enemy of any kind, and suddenly, your tube has two projectiles. Unrelenting is a good backup for PvE because it sparks health regeneration after enough kills, and that regen can save you in a pinch.

PvE Trait 2: Chain Reaction, Rampage

Whenever you defeat an enemy with Chain Reaction on Forbearance, that enemy will explode in a blast of Arc energy, resulting in, well, a Chain Reaction of trash mobs going up like so much electric confetti. Rampage is a good substitute for taking on waves of low-level mobs. The increasing damage bonus gives you up to 33% extra damage per wave.

Forbearance Grenade Launcher PvP God Roll

Taking Forbearance into PvP won’t win you many friends, but it is effective with many of the same perks as PvE. Such is the power of the Wave Frame archetype and the quality of this weapon in particular.


The PvE options presented above work just fine in PvP.


PvE choices work great in the Magazine as well.

PvP Trait 1: Ambitious Assassin, Surplus

Special Ammo weapons don’t pack the same punch as they once did, thanks to nerfs to the ammo economy. Earn more than two shots, however, and you can make other players’ lives a living nightmare while holding down a sightline by your lonesome. Surplus won’t give you that level of power, but its increases in Handling, Reload Speed, and Stability will make Forbearance very comfortable to use.

PvP Trait 2: Chain Reaction, Golden Tricorn

While Chain Reaction won’t always activate in PvP, it can take out whole parties of enemy Guardians when it does, especially if they’re just leaving another engagement. Golden Tricorn can do the same, providing a 15% damage boost for seven seconds following a kill.

There are many good options for rolls on Forbearance, but the choices presented above are the best. We’ve covered other worthwhile god rolls here, including the Stormchaser, Eyasula, and Austringer. Check out our Destiny 2 guides hub for much more.

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