Destiny 2: Eyasluna God Roll Best Perks for PvP & PvE

The Eyasluna is back in Destiny 2. Find out the perks to look out for it you want to land the perfect god roll.

The Eyasluna hand cannon is back in the Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Pack, and if you're here, you want to know how to get a god roll for this highly sought-after weapon. 

A reward from the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon, Eyasluna is powered by Stasis and enters a very different sandbox from the original Destiny. But it remains a top-tier choice in your Kinetic slot. This guide will cover the perks you’ll want on your Eyasluna god roll.

Eyasluna PvP God Roll Perks

To make the most of the Eyasluna hand cannon, you'll want to keep the gun steady and accurate while increasing the range and bullet stickiness. For that, you’ll need a good combination of all stats, and luckily, Eyasluna provides.


  • Steadyhand HCS: Adding 10 Stability and Handling and 5 Aim Assistance will all but ensure the Eyasluna stays on target and is ready when you need it, whether after a Sniper shot or a Shotgun blast.

  • Fastdraw HCS: Your second-best choice for the sight takes handling up by 15 but loses out on 5 Stability compared to the Steadyhand.


  • Ricochet Rounds: Adding 5 Range and 10 Stability to your Eyasluna gets you started on maximizing your Range stat and adding a little more ease of targeting.

  • Light Mag: You won’t need any reload perk if Light Mag is on your list, as Eyasulna already reloads quickly enough. This magazine choice increases both Range and Reload Speed, so while you’ll lose out on Stability, you’ll have better uptime in its place.

Eyasluna Trait 1

  • Rangefinder: We’ve touched Range a little bit with our Magazine, but this perk takes it to its pinnacle. There’s nothing else to this perk because there doesn’t need to be. The increase in lethality difference and bullet magnetism is more than enough.

  • Perpetual Motion: A new perk introduced in the 30th Anniversary weapons, with Perpetual Motion, all the stats we’re seeking go up when you’re in motion. It’s not a flat buff like Rangefinder, but if you’ve mastered strafe-shooting, there are few better options.

Trait 2

  • Moving Target: Neither of the options presented here is inherently better; they offer different benefits. Moving Target increases aim assistance and movement speed when you aim down the sights, so while there’s no increased damage potential, you will still be deadlier on the move with this perk than any other.

  • Kill Clip: A Destiny 2 classic, if you can survive your first engagement and reload, Eyasluna becomes a monster with the 30% increased damage, taking down full-health opponents in three hits at almost any workable distance.

Eyasluna PvE God Roll Perks

The goal in PvE is much the same as PvP for Eyasluna, but uptime and build synergy are more important. We still want Range and Stability, but more Reload Speed and damage options are essential.


  • Your sight choices are the same, either Steadyhand or Fastdraw.


The choices are essentially the same here, too.

Eyasluna Trait 1

  • Outlaw: Normally, Eyasluna’s Reload Speed is good enough, but in a high-intensity PvE fight, combining Outlaw with Kill Clip will keep your damage high and your magazine full.

  • Heating Up: Very much a lesser option, best for when taking down trash mobs; Heating Up can nevertheless be invaluable by adding Stability and Handling for each enemy you kill.

Trait 2

  • Kill Clip: That 30% damage bonus is always a fantastic option.

  • Harmony: Very underloved, Harmony increases Eyasluna’s damage whenever another weapon gets a kill. A more situational option, it’s a great choice if you want to take down something big first and deal with the little guys later.

Check out our Grasp of Avarice dungeon guide here to learn how to complete the activity necessary to nab an Eyasluna god roll. Our Destiny 2 guides hub has even more.


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Published Dec. 10th 2021

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