Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022: How to Complete the Best in Class Quest

Get started on the right foot by completing the Best in Class quest in Destiny 2's Guardian Games 2022.

Get started on the right foot by completing the Best in Class quest in Destiny 2's Guardian Games 2022.

Your first task during Guardian Games 2022 in Destiny 2 should always be completing the Best In Class questline. It’s easy, relatively quick, and will get you a good headstart on farming Laurels, Medallions, and The Title SMG. There are only a few involved steps, with the rest seeing you visit various NPCs at the Tower to progress.

How to Complete Best in Class Quest in Guardian Games 2022

There are nine total steps to Best in Class, and the whole quest shouldn’t take more than a half-hour to complete.

Step 1: Speak with Eva Levante

Load into the Tower, and head to the nice lady in front of the podium after taking in the new look. This is Eva Levante, the head of all Destiny 2 events in-game. Speak to her to start the quest in earnest.

Step 2: Earn 10 Laurels and a Single Medallion of Any Level

Head into any core activity playlist (Strikes, Gambit, or Crucible) and complete it for more than enough Laurels and the Medallion in question. You could technically do any number of matchmade or group activities, but doing a quick Strike or PvP match is easiest.

Steps 3, 4, and 5: Speak with Eva to Receive Your Medallion Case

The next three steps all complete in your second conversation with Eva. For Step 3, come back to the Tower after collecting your Laurels and first Medallion. She’ll congratulate you and hand you the Medallion Case. Collect it for Step 4. Step 5 has you adding the Medallion Battalion quest to your log.

Step 6: Speak to Zavala

Once you’re done talking with Eva, she’ll send you to Zavala. Head over to the big guy, and speak with him.

Step 7: Earn a Vanguard Medal and Complete a Recreational Playlist Activity

Open the map of the Tower. A pair of Guardian Games logos are at the top. The one on the left is the Recreational Playlist, an otherwise standard Strike playlist that comes with Strike Scoring and Vanguard Medals for doing particular actions. Head in, and complete the Strike it offers. You’ll collect more than just one Medal on the way, and once you’re done, return to the Tower.

Step 8: Speak to Zavala and Start the Shoot to Score Quest

Make your way back to Zavala and speak to him. He’ll give you the first step in the Shoot to Score quest, then send you back to Eva.

Step 9: Speak to Eva to Earn Your First The Title SMG

Eva will be happy you’ve started on your Guardian Games journey and will award you a static roll of The Title SMG. The higher the value, the more likely you’ll get a new SMG or two. For additional rolls, hand in Medallions.

You’ve completed the opening quest of the Guardian Games. Now it’s all about spending time in the Training and Competitive Strike Scoring playlists and earning as many Medallions for your class as possible (we’ve got a farming guide to help out). Nothing is particularly new with this event, but it’s a fun way to rep your main. We’ll be covering more Guardian Games 2022, so regularly check our Destiny 2 guides hub

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