Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022: How to Complete Shoot to Score

Take to the Guardian Games Strike Playlist during the Shoot to Score Quest in Destiny

Acquired during the Best in Class quest you complete at the start of Guardian Games 2022 in Destiny 2, Shoot to Score is designed to take place across the entire event. It goes hand in hand with the Medallion Battalion quest, as your performance in one directly affects your abilities in the other.

Shoot to Score is all about maximizing your Strike Score in the Training and Competitive Guardian Games playlists at the top of the map of the Tower. Here are all the steps we know about so far.

How to Complete Shoot to Score in Guardian Games 2022

Right now, there are only six steps out of available to players in Shoot to Score, including the five that opened up when the Competitive Playlist began Friday during the event.

Step 1: Reach the Highest Possible Score in the Guardian Games: Training playlist

There are four Strike scoring tiers during the Guardian Games: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each level adds a buff that activates within the Training and Competitive playlists, boosting ability regeneration and weapon damage. The better the buff, the more effective it is.

The Strike you play in Training is at Legend Nightfall difficulty, so there are plenty of Champion enemies throughout, and even standard enemies hit hard and often. While heavily optimized builds aren’t necessary, having something like Gjallarhorn, Fatebringer, or other top-tier gear will make the experience more enjoyable.

Week one of Guardian Games Training is against the Lightblade Strike, and the score thresholds are as follows:

  • Bronze: 50,000.
  • Silver: 100,000.
  • Gold: 150,000.
  • Platinum: 175,000.

Provided your team doesn’t wipe too many times, a Platinum rank is fairly easy to earn. There does seem to be an issue with the buff awarded, as I’ve completed Platinum twice now and only have a Gold-level buff.

Steps 2-5: Pass the Bronze through Platinum Thresholds in the Competitive Playlist

The next steps will be reaching up to Platinum in the Competitive Guardian Games playlist. The Competitive Playlist is still Legend difficulty, but has a Power Level of 1550, meaning unless you've reached the Powerful reward cap, enemies will hit hard, though there won't be any more of them to contend with.

Step 6: Get Platinum-Plated

Any player who reaches Platinum ranking in the Competitive Playlist earns the Platinum Plated moniker as the final step in the Shoot to Score quest. They’ll then unlock the final podium in the Tower and will be able to see where they rank in the community. When the Guardian Games ends, the top 10% of players will be awarded not only bragging rights but also an exclusive emblem that showcases their achievement.

Everything resets at 10:00 AM PST on Tuesday, May 10, and Training begins again. At that point, Step 1 is Step 7, and so on. The same will happen on May 17, with the final awards and Closing Ceremony awarded on May 24. Coincidentally, May 24 is also the start of Season 17, which we currently know almost nothing about. For more Destiny 2 content, check out our guides hub.


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Published May. 7th 2022

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