A quick and easy way to understand a common Destiny 2 Beta issue so you can get back to playing ASAP.

Destiny 2 Guide: Fixing the Termite Beta Error

A quick and easy way to understand a common Destiny 2 Beta issue so you can get back to playing ASAP.
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The Beta period for Destiny 2 is in full swing, and players are flocking servers to experience Bungie’s newest FPS. However, a number of users have reported server issues accompanied by certain error codes. Each of these error codes is accompanied by the name of an animal.

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One particular error, entitled “TERMITE” is a very common occurrence, and happens when you try to log into the beta. Its description is as follows:

“Failed to download configuration from Bungie servers, please try again.”

Bungie is aware of the issue, and has given players some key pieces of information to try and resolve it before reaching out to the Help forums on the Bungie site. 

While there is no official way to resolve the problem, it appears to be caused by periods of high server activity. Given that this is a beta, issues like this are common and are used to stress-test the servers for a better gameplay experience upon official release.

How to Fix the Termite Error in Destiny 2

One of the most common ways to resolve this issue is to exit Destiny 2 and relaunch the game. If the problem persists, players can try re-downloading the game entirely. 

In addition to redownloading Destiny 2 entirely, another solution is to restore the licenses of the game. To do this on PS4, you need to go to the following menus:

Settings>Playstation Network/Account Management>Restore Licenses.

This is a good last resort to remedy the issue before contacting Bungie support directly. 

Until Bungie’s servers can handle the player population for Destiny 2, this problem will likely persist throughout the beta. But if you do get past it and manage to play, check out the rest of our Destiny 2 guides to make sure you’re ahead of the competition:

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