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Destiny 2: How to Complete the Gilded Precept Lost Sector

The Gilded Precept Lost Sector is one of the harder ones to find on Neptune in Destiny 2. Here's where it is and how to complete it.

Of all the Lost Sectors on Neptune in Destiny 2, the Gilded Precept is probably the most confusing to find. Luckily, completing it is very straightforward. You’ll want to finish it at least once because while the Neomuna Lost Sectors haven’t yet been super popular in the Legend/Master rotation, you can’t access the higher-difficulty versions without doing them regularly. Here’s how to complete the Gilded Precept Lost Sector.

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How to Complete the Gilded Precept Lost Sector in Destiny 2

Where to Find the Gilded Precept Lost Sector on Neptune

You’ll find the Gilded Precept Lost Sector marker in the far east of the Ahimsa Park section of Neomuna on a large rocky outcropping.

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If you’re facing the rock formation, turn left toward the large ship. Jump down onto the lower platforms. You’ll see the entrance to the Lost Sector as an opening notch in the side of the ship. Don’t worry if it takes you a few seconds to see. I certainly had to scratch my head for a few minutes looking for it.

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Gilded Precept Lost Sector Walkthrough

Once you enter the Gilded Precept, follow the hallway until you drop down into the first arena. It’s a long, white-lit hall with statues and a large window on your right.

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There are a little over a dozen enemies between Psions, Legionaries, Phalanxes, and one orange bar Centurion. Clear them all to open the door at the back of the room. Head through and turn left. Jump across the gap and clear the two Legionaries. Go through the opening at the end of the platform, and the next arena will be on your right.

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Here’s where the Gilded Precept Lost Sector get tricky. There are three waves of enemies here. The first is made up of Legionaries, Psions, and Phalanxes, then after you remove about a dozen of them, more will spawn with brightly glowing Centurions. As you defeat enemies, a Colossus and cleaver-wielding Gladiators will also appear. Kill the two glowing Centurions and take the Blooms they drop to the pillars on either side of the far door.

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Dunking both Blooms will open the door, and you can progress toward the final arena. You’ll need to go through a hallway populated with various trash enemies, then a large chamber with an orange bar Centurion. Defeat everything and approach the large door at the back of the room to get it to open to the boss arena. Don’t shoot the boss Centurion you see, as he’ll quickly be smashed by a Cabal Drop Pod. It will dissolve to reveal the true boss: a Colossus named Valus Tharum, Gladatorial Overseer.

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Valus Tharum, Gladatorial Overseer Fight

For this fight, you’ll want as much Power ammo as you can muster. The boss has tons of health, and there are dozens of enemies to fight. I used Gjallarhorn (as I do in most situations). There’s nothing special about this room. Just kill everything and then damage the boss. Every time you remove one-third of his health bar, more enemies will spawn, including Centurions and Gladiators. Once the Valus is dead, you can collect the loot chest on the gold-laden machine nearby.

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That’s how to complete the Gilded Precept Lost Sector in Destiny 2. For more content on the game, check out our guides on how to complete In the Hot Seat, how to farm Artifice Armor, and more in our D2 guides hub.

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