Destiny 2: How to Craft and Farm Last Wish Deepsight Weapons in D2

Last Wish weapon crafting has arrived in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep, and this guide covers how to do it.

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Knowing how to craft and farm Destiny 2 Last Wish Deepsight weapons requires more than just completing the raid. In the neverending quest to justify the existence of crafting in D2, Season of the Deep introduced Deepsight weapons to the Last Wish Raid, refreshing the perk pools of every Legendary weapon in the activity and giving them enhanced perks to boot. Actually getting your hands on the craftable Last Wish weapons takes a little effort. In this guide, we’ll cover how to unlock the ability to craft them and the best way to do it.

How to Craft and Farm Last Wish Weapons in Destiny 2

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Before you can even start crafting Last Wish Weapons, you’ll need to own the Forsaken Pack, which is usually $19.99, though it occasionally goes on sale. Once you have the pack, you can go into the Last Wish Raid and complete any encounter you want, as the revised loot table awards every Legendary weapon from every encounter.

You’ll need to collect five Deepsight resonant versions of the weapon before you can craft them, so depending on how lucky you are, I found that getting the one you want could take a couple of hours or a couple dozen (who’s really to say?). Ultimately, it comes down to how much you can tolerate doing Last Wish over and over again.

Best Way to Farm Last Wish Deepsight Weapons in D2: Kalli Boss Fight

The best way to farm Destiny 2 Last Wish Deepsight weapons is to complete the Kalli boss fight quickly, the first encounter in the Raid. Thankfully, as the Raid is legacy content, the Power Level of every encounter is 1600. If you’ve played even infrequently, you’ll vastly out-level the enemies.

Note: This strategy is only usable when Last Wish is the featured Raid for the week. The Last Wish Raid is featured every six weeks, or about twice per season, so if you don’t manage to farm it the first time it comes around, you’ll be waiting a bit for the next time.

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How to Beat Kalli Fast: Last Wish Boss One-Phase Strat

The basic strat for Kalli hasn’t changed too much, though I think it’s now much easier to kill the boss in one phase. Here’s how I go about it to farm Deepsight weapons:

  • Stand on the six plates with marked symbols around the center pit.
  • Two Taken orbs will spawn on the plate, and you need to stand on the one-third of the plate that doesn’t have an Orb. Being next to an orb when it explodes will kill you.
  • After three orbs detonate, an orange bar Knight will spawn. Kill it to finalize your plate.
  • Once everyone on the team kills their Knight, Kalli will go to the center, and you can do damage.
  • When Kalli “summons an ontological weapon,” six doors will open on the platforms under her in the central pit. Go into them to avoid the wipe mechanic.
  • Repeat until Kalli is defeated.

It’s easy to one-phase Kalli, and I suggest using Sleeper Simulant, Bait and Switch Cataclysmic, or Legend of Acrius with the Catalyst. But really, almost anything your team is comfortable using for boss DPS in the current meta will work.

Precision damage is best, however, as Kalli’s crit multiplier is high. I wouldn’t use Divinity, as its bubble’s crit modifier is actually lower than Kalli’s by default.

How to Cheese Kalli

There’s also a cheese strat for beating Kalli, but it takes a bit of practice and precision.

  • As soon as Kalli drops her shield in the center (but before she teleports the first time), one player needs to stick her twice with Anarchy mines.
  • Then, she’ll teleport to the plate closest to the entrance, where that same player will need to stick the ground twice to lock her in place.
  • The timing is very tight, but get it right, and one player can have Tractor Cannon and the others their favorite burst DPS option, and she’ll go down quickly.

If you’re farming Kalli, don’t go up the back stairs at the end of the encounter. This progresses the Raid. Instead, simply reload the checkpoint.

How to Buy Destiny 2 Last Wish Weapons

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For times when Last Wish isn’t featured, you’ll need to have completed a quest from Hawthorne called O, Deepsight Mine.

The quest merely asks you to complete all the encounters in the Last Wish Raid. Doing so then unlocks purchasing Deepsight weapons from Hawthorne. You can only purchase a single red border weapon per account per week, so choose wisely.

You’ll also need to have collected a single unit of that weapon to pull a red-border version from Hawthorne, but thanks to the featured Raid rotation, you can add one Last Wish craftable weapon to your collection each cycle. Bear in mind that you’ll need to also spend 20 Spoils of War per red-border weapon, which you can only get from completing Raid encounters, but farming Kalli over and over does not award them.

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That’s how to craft and farm Last Wish Deepsight weapons in Destiny 2. If you’re looking for more help with in Season of the Deep and the game in general, check out our guides on how to get the Epochal Integration Hand Cannon, how to get Salvage and Deep Dive keys, and more in our D2 guides hub.

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