Destiny 2: How to Fix Error Code Plum

Destiny 2 error code Plum is one of the nastier ones out there, with a few possible causes and fixes.

Destiny 2 error code Plum is one of the nastier ones out there, with a few possible causes and fixes.

There are quite a few error codes in Destiny 2, and error code Plum is one of the nastier ones. Not a standard networking issue or some server issue on Bungie’s end, it’s usually reserved for either something particularly mundane or something more malicious.

There are also a couple of annoying reasons why error code Plum might pop up. How you fix it depends on its cause, though it might be tricky to know which cause it is.

Fixing Error Code Plum in Destiny 2

BattleEye Conflicts or PC Updates

Error code Plum has two leading causes, according to the official Bungie Help site.

  • BattlEye: It’s possible that BattleEye, the Destiny 2 kernel-level anti-cheat, has detected a problem with your computer that may be in violation of Bungie’s Terms of Service.
  • Updates: It’s also possible your Windows or other PC services are in need of updating.

Error Code Plum might ultimately be on the anti-cheat’s end, especially following a major game update. Some new code in Destiny 2 might not initially cooperate with BattlEye or the other way around. It might also be that BattlEye itself is having a short fit.

In the latter case, there’s nothing you can really do until the anti-cheat provider pushes an update on their end or otherwise addresses the problem.

If you know that your PC is current with all its drivers and other software, and that you’re not using a program that would trigger an anti-cheat flag, then something else is amiss.

Other Possible Fixes for Error Code Plum

  • Disable any third-party overlays like Nvidia Shadowplay, OBS, Discord, or other similar software. 
  • Turn off other open programs that use the Internet or could interact with Destiny 2.
  • Uninstall Destiny 2 and reinstall it to refresh BattleEye.


If the issue persists for more than an hour or so, head over to the official Bungie Help Twitter account, as that’s where Destiny 2’s support engineers post important notices about error code breakouts, which do happen from time to time.

Hopefully, you found this guide helpful in solving your error code Plum issues, even if all there is to do is wait out the problem. Error codes are a frustrating and unfortunate part of an always-online live-service game like Destiny 2, and there’s only so much we can do to mitigate issues that come up. For more information on the game, our D2 guides hub has more.

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