Become a hipfire legend in Destiny 2 with the Offhand Strike perk. Here's how to get it and use it.

Destiny 2: How to Get and Use Offhand Strike

Become a hipfire legend in Destiny 2 with the Offhand Strike perk. Here's how to get it and use it.

If you have a gun with the Offhand Strike perk in Destiny 2, hipfire should be your go-to firing mode. Typically, hipfire is something of an odd duck. Most weapons prefer that you aim down the sights for optimal accuracy, except shotguns, The Last Word Exotic Hand Cannon, and a few other options scattered about the weapon classes. If you’re looking for an alternative, here’s what you need to know about the perk. 

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Destiny 2 Offhand Strike Perk Explained

Offhand Strike is all about maximizing your effectiveness while hipfiring. To activate it, get a single kill using the weapon with the perk. Once activated, it lasts for seven seconds and provides the following:

  • 30 additional Stability.
  • A 1.45x buff to the Damage Falloff Start and End Distance stats.
  • A tighter Precision Aim Angle of 3-3.5 degrees.
  • A >90% reduction in the Accuracy Cone Size stat.
  • A >90% reduction in the Accuracy Cone Growth stat.

In short, with Offhand Strike active, your hipfire will be almost laser-accurate. While that’s useful in PvE for staying mobile while you’re shooting, it’s downright monstrous in PvP on the right weapon. We recommend a Sidearm or Submachine Gun.

How to Get Offhand Strike

Offhand Strike has a timer that refreshes with every kill you get, so you can technically keep it up indefinitely should you continuously frag with it active.

The perk is rolled randomly, so just because you get it on a gun doesn’t mean other weapons will have it available.

Here are all the weapons that can roll Offhand Strike in Season 20.

  • Autumn Wind Pulse Rifle
  • Circular Logic Machine Gun
  • Dark Decider Auto Rifle
  • Fioritura-59 Sidearm
  • Glacioclasm Fusion Rifle
  • Heritage Shotgun Mykel’s Reverence
  • Hung Jury SR4 Scout Rifle and Adept Variant
  • IKELOS_HC_v1.0.3 Hand Cannon
  • IKELOS_SG_v1.0.3 Shotgun
  • Jorum’s Claw Pulse Rifle
  • Mykel’s Reverence Sidearm and Adept Variant
  • Perpetualis Auto Rifle
  • Prolonged Engagement Submachine Gun
  • Royal Executioner Fusion Rifle
  • Stay Frosty Pulse Rifle
  • THE SWARM Machine Gun and Adept Variant
  • The Title Submachine Gun
  • The Wizened Rebuke Fusion Rifle
  • Unwavering Duty Machine Gun and Adept Variant

There’s almost no activity group in Destiny 2 that doesn’t have a weapon that can roll with Offhand Strike, but ideally, you’ll want one that’s best used up close and personal. If you can pair the perk with one like Rangefinder or Perpetual Motion, prepare to become every Crucible match’s worst nightmare.

But that’s how to get and use Offhand Strike in Destiny 2. For more D2 content, head to our guides for how to complete the Strider Exotic quest or how to beat the Crossfire Challenge. There’s more in our D2 guides hub.

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