Destiny 2: How to Get Explosive Personality

The Explosive Personality in Destiny 2 is a fantastic Solar wave frame Grenade Launcher, but getting it is a little tricky. Here's how.

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There are quite a few top-tier Special Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2, with Wave Frame variants being some of the most sought-after. With Solar builds offering both high healing and damage output, adding the Explosive Personality to your collection gives you a Solar Wave Frame for whenever you aren’t blowing things up with your abilities. Sadly, getting your hands on one of these weapons isn’t as straightforward as it once was, but we’ll go over how to get Explosive Personality in this guide..

How to Get the Explosive Personality Legendary Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2

  • The Explosive Personality was a seasonal weapon released during the Witch Queen expansion year, in the Season of the Risen.
  • The activity and vendor that awarded the weapon are no longer present in Destiny 2.
  • There are only two remaining ways to get an Explosive Personality, and both will require a bit of luck and a lot of patience.

The First Way to Get Explosive Personality in 2023

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The first and least annoying way is to visit Banshee-44 every day and have a look at his stock of Legendary Weapons for sale. Banshee’s selection rotates daily and contains a selection of weapons from all past and currently unavailable seasons, dating back as far as Season of the Hunt from Beyond Light. Weapons from before that time are unavailable as they were sunset in Bungie’s ill-fated attempt to curb power creep in their weapon sandbox.

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As you might imagine, with only five weapons from two years and eight seasons, the chances of the Explosive Personality even appearing are relatively low. Worse, the rolls it gets when it does appear are random. Even if you can get one, it might be trash-tier.

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The Second Way to Get Explosive Personality in 2023

The second place you might nab an Explosive Personality is from Xur on weekends. Like Banshee, Xur offers a small collection of otherwise unavailable Legendary weapons in addition to his Exotic offerings. Befitting his more limited access, you can choose from seven possible weapons, but unlike Banshee, Xur’s rotate weekly, so if he doesn’t have what you want when he appears at Friday’s reset, he’s not going to have it at all that weekend.

All that said, I think the instant you see an Explosive Personality Grenade Launcher at either Xur or Banshee-44, you should pick it up just to see how it feels to use with your current build. Even a poorly-rolled version is worth using, so when you eventually do get the one you want, it will hopefully feel that much better.

With that, we’ve gone over how to get Explosive Personality in Destiny 2 these days. For some of the rolls you’re looking for on other weapons in Destiny 2, check out our guides to the Autumn Wind, Imperial Decree, The Immortal, and others in our D2 guides hub.

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