Destiny 2: Imperial Decree Shotgun God Roll Guide

Show your dominance on the battlefield with the god roll for the Imperial Decree in Destiny 2.

Show your dominance on the battlefield with the god roll for the Imperial Decree in Destiny 2.
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The Imperial Decree shotgun, introduced way back in the Season of Opulence and finally reintroduced with Season of Defiance, is a menace in the Destiny 2 Crucible. It doesn’t have as much immediate use in PvE activities, but some rolls make it workable enough. Getting the god roll for PvP will make this weapon worth its weight in the gold that gilds it, and as a craftable weapon, it’s well worth an investment of Defiant Engrams.

Destiny 2 Imperial Decree God Rolls

A shotgun’s greatest weakness is its Range stat, so your priority with any Imperial Decree god roll will almost always be maximizing its lethal distance. The Imperial Decree doesn’t have many standard Barrel perks you’d want, so we have to make do with what’s offered.

Imperial Decree PvP God Roll

  • Barrel: Smoothbore, Rifled Barrel
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds, Assault Mag
  • Trait 1: Slideshot, Threat Detector, Surplus
  • Trait 2: Opening Shot, Swashbuckler

With no Arrowhead Break taking the easy top spot in this Imperial Decree god roll, and without a few other top-tier Range perks, we have to make some choices we otherwise wouldn’t.

Indeed, there aren’t many ways to improve the Handling on the Imperial Decree, so you’re likely to use it as your primary in PvP until you die or run out of shells. But this god roll will help. 

Imperial Decree PvE God Roll

  • Barrel: Smoothbore, Barrel Shroud
  • Magazine: As PvP
  • Trait 1: Auto-loading Holster, Surplus, Pugilist
  • Trait 2: Trench Barrel, Swashbuckler, Surrounded

As a slow-firing, pump-action shotgun, the Imperial Decree suffers compared to other, more optimal PvE options. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it against the enemies of humanity; you’ll just need to specialize a bit.

Your focus with a PvE Imperial Decree is twofold: ammo uptime and single-shot damage output. Most combinations of the above perks will accomplish both.

Focus on getting any of the Destiny 2 Imperial Decree god rolls listed here, and you’ll do fine, provided you use them in the activities they’re designed for. Even if you don’t get the optimal setup, the Imperial Decree is still an absolute monster for damage output and one-shot kill potential. For more god roll guides, check out our articles on The Immortal, the Eyasluna, and Bump in the Night. Our Destiny 2 guides hub has even more.

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