Destiny 2: How to Get Regnant Grenade Launcher and God Roll Guide

Power creep strikes again. Find out here how to get the Regnant Heavy Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2, as well as its god rolls.

Power creep strikes again. Find out here how to get the Regnant Heavy Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2, as well as its god rolls.

As with most weapon progression systems in Destiny 2, if something comes out in a DLC, odds are it’s probably better than whatever you could find in the base game. This concept holds for the Regnant, a Legendary Heavy Grenade Launcher released with Season of Defiance. It’s an easier-to-get and better overall version of the Wendigo GL3, and we’ll go over how to get it and the Regnant god rolls you want in this guide.

How to Get Regnant Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2

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The first and most important part of getting the Regnant is owning Season of Defiance. You can buy the season on its own for $10 or as part of the Lightfall Deluxe Edition, which is $100.

When you own the Season of Defiance, there are three ways to earn a Regnant Grenade Launcher.

  1. As a random drop from completing Seasonal Battleground activities.
  2. As a random drop when you spend a single Defiant Engram at the H.E.L.M. War Table.
  3. By focusing the Regnant at the H.E.L.M. War Table for four Defiant Engrams.

If you have the Deepsight Decoding War Table upgrade, you can guarantee a red border Regnant, and once you’ve collected five of them, you can unlock the pattern for the crafted Regnant, ending the grind altogether.

Regnant PvE God Roll

  • Barrel: Volatile Launch, Confined Launch
  • Magazine: Spike Grenades, Alloy Casing
  • Trait 1: Auto-Loading Holster, Envious Assassin
  • Trait 2: Explosive Light, Destabilizing Rounds

The Regnant Grenade Launcher is a PvE monster with all of the best possible perks available easier and more consistent than any other option in its class.

Explosive Light is a straight damage buff available as long as you can have Orbs of Light around you to pick up. Spike Grenades are also a straight buff to damage if you hit an enemy directly.

Adding Auto-Loading Holster ensures your Rengant is always available during a D.P.S. cycle (provided you use multiple weapons per cycle). Volatile Launch widens the explosive radius, giving you a more forgiving weapon overall.

Regnant PvP God Roll

  • Barrel: Volatile Launch, Hard Launch
  • Magazine: Spike Grenades, High-Explosive Ordinance
  • Trait 1: Rangefinder, Thresh
  • Trait 2: Explosive Light, Unrelenting

Regnant is not the best PvP Heavy Grenade Launcher by any stretch, but it’s technically usable if you’re so inclined. Spike Grenades makes the weapon stronger for direct hits, and Volatile Lanch gives some forgiveness if you miss.

Rangefinder adds some Velocity, though Hard Launch’s added velocity compliments it nicely. Explosive Light is good during the Super spam section of a match, and Unrelenting can put your health back in a safe zone following a fight.

Now it’s your turn to go out and farm for your very own Regnant and get its god rolls. It’s a simple process that might take a little time but is worth the grind if you want an absolute beast of a PvE Legendary. For more Destiny 2 god roll content, check out our guides to the Autumn Wind, The Immortal, and the Eyasluna. Our D2 guides hub has more.

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