Get your hands on the Beyond Light expansion's Sidearm of choice: the High Albedo.

Destiny 2: How to Get the High Albedo Sidearm

Get your hands on the Beyond Light expansion's Sidearm of choice: the High Albedo.

Sidearms have always been an interesting weapon archetype in Destiny 2, and while few of them ever make it into true endgame content, they’re both fun and usable within their specific niche. That’s true for most Sidearms, including the High Albedo, available for those who’ve purchased the Beyond Light expansion.

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As a three-round burst weapon, it’s in the more effective end of the archetype, though ammo can become an issue with only 27 rounds by default. If you want to add the High Abledo to your arsenal, here’s how.

Where to Get the High Albedo Sidearm in Destiny 2

There are a few ways to get a High Albedo Sidearm, all of which are on Europa. Two of them guarantee the weapon, while others offer a random chance. They are:

  • Completing the A Hard Rain Falls quest, which you unlock after completing the Beyond Light campaign. Speak to the Exo Stranger at the Campsite and complete patrols and public events in the current Eclipsed Zone. You’ll know which area is Eclipsed via the orange polyhedron near its name in the Director, having the Stasis Regeneration buff active in the area, and seeing debris falling from the sky while there. Once you fill the progress bar, return to the Stranger for one High Albedo.
  • Europa Weapon Quests. You’ll need to unlock the Europa Explorer I Sabotage upgrade, then spend 30 Herealways Pieces to grab the quest. You’ll need to have the weapon in Collections for the quest to appear, but once you have one High Albedo, you can farm these quests as often as you like.
  • From High-Value Target rewards. You’ll see orange-bar Fallen Brig mechs scattered across Europa. Defeating one of these spawns a loot chest, always containing a random Europa weapon.
  • By completing a Europa Lost Sector with Europan Gear II unlocked. Near the end of the Sabotage upgrade tree is Europan Gear, and the second tier ensures you always receive a Europa weapon on your first Lost Sector completion each week. The weapon you get is random, but combine it with Legend Lost Sector farming for a bit of double loot.

Those are your primary means of earning the High Albedo Sidearm in Destiny 2. The weapon doesn’t have the best perk pool, and there are technically more efficient options, but nothing else in the game looks quite like the Europa weapons, and if you’re a collector, you’ll want it. For more on Destiny 2’s seasonal and yearly offerings, check out our guides hub.

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