Discover how we rank the Iron Banner weapons in Destiny 2 so you'll know what to grind for.

Destiny 2 Lightfall: Best Iron Banner Weapons Ranked

Discover how we rank the Iron Banner weapons in Destiny 2 so you'll know what to grind for.

Destiny 2‘s Iron Banner weapons have a mixed history of effectiveness, with some of their number helping define metas and others being effectively worthless outside of very niche situations. That’s mainly the case these days. Here’s our list of the best Iron Banner weapons you can use in Destiny 2 today.

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Best Iron Banner Destiny 2 Light Fall Weapons, Ranked

We’ll rank each weapon based on its usability across PvE and PvP. While none of the current Iron Banner options are particularly effective in both activity types, their usefulness is a simple, gauged metric.

1. The Wizened Rebuke

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Fusion Rifles have long been a strong choice in both PvE and PvP and while there are better overall choices for one or the other, the Wizened Rebuke holds its own regardless of where you use it.

Its effectiveness is partly due to its Void element synergy with tons of potential builds and its decent perk pool. Its base stats are also nothing to sneeze at, with its only major weakness being its slow charge time.

2. The Dark Decider

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Auto Rifles have always occupied a weird place in the Destiny 2 sandbox, but they’ve always been good choices if you played to their strengths.

Dark Decider’s ability to roll with Voltshot makes it strong in PvE, and its suite of PvP perks is also quite strong. Its huge magazine and solid base stats give it plenty of worth no matter where you take it.

3. The Hero’s Burden

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This Void SMG would rank higher had it retained its previous set of perks, but sadly Destabilizing Rounds is no replacement for Repulsor Brace. Still, the Hero’s Burden is a great workhorse SMG for Void builds, especially those with easy access to other ways of activating Volatile rounds.

4. Roar of the Bear

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There are tons of fantastic Rocket Launcher options no matter what activity you’re playing, making suggesting the Roar of the Bear a hard sell, even with its updated Perks.

In a world where the Two-Tailed Fox with its Catalyst, Gjallarhorn, Bump in the Night, and Hothead are all easily attainable for PvE, you might only use Roar in PvP. It can shine in that role, provided you grab Heavy ammo when it’s up and have a great PvP roll.

5. Jorum’s Claw

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Unfortunately, Pulse Rifles can be wet noodles in PvE, but Jorum’s Claw’s quality perk pool — that includes Incandescent, Iron Reach, and Moving Target — gives it plenty of versatility.

It’s stronger overall in the Crucible, but when Bungie eventually adjusts Pulse Rifles against PvE enemies, having a good Jorum’s Claw handy will be pretty nice.

6. Bite of the Fox

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There’s little about the Bite of the Fox Sniper Rifle worth writing home in PvE. It lacks any sustain and burst damage potential required of an endgame option and is outclassed in almost every way by even middling PvE choices.

Legendary Sniper Rifles have never really been the core of a DPS phase in Destiny 2, and Bite of the Fox’s absence from PvE is almost entirely eclipsed by its potential in the Crucible. Snapshot Sights and Moving Target on a Sniper? Yes, please.

7. Allied Demand

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Sidearms are the forgotten child of the Destiny 2 sandbox, with few ever making enough of a splash to be remembered, let alone cherished. The Allied Demand is one of the more forgettable out of a large group of mediocre guns.

While you can use it in PvP to some effectiveness against the IKELOS SMG or the Immortal and the dozens of other more optimal choices, this weapon should be a hard pass no matter what you’re doing.

And that’s our ranking of the current crop of Iron Banner weapons. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, but Iron Banner has been one for some time. If you want more information on other weapons in Destiny 2, check out our guides on the Quicksilver Storm, the Eyasluna, and the Imperial Decree, among many other weapon guides in our D2 guides hub.

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