Destiny 2 Season of the Wish: How to Farm Riven Reputation

If you want all the rewards from Destiny 2: Season of the Wish, you need to know how to farm Riven Reputation.

Riven and Mara Sov make a deal.
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Every season in Destiny 2 has a seasonal vendor, and with Season of the Wish, that vendor is Riven the Ahamkara wish dragon. If you want access to her rewards, you need to know how to farm Riven Reputation.

How to Farm Riven Reputation in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish

Riven Season of the Wish reputatin screen and rewards.
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Riven and her linked seasonal activities and the Dreaming City are the focus of the Season of the Wish. Both are fantastic ways to farm reputation with Riven, giving you access to more and better Rank rewards. I’ve tested reputation farms across Destiny 2, and here are the best strategies I could find:

Season of the Wish Seasonal Armor reputation bonus.
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  • Wear Season of the Wish Armor. The simplest thing you can do to increase your Riven Reputation is wear a full set of seasonal armor. Putting on a helmet, gloves, chest piece, and boots grants a 12% reputation bonus. Sure, you might need to do a little reworking on your builds if you don’t yet have a good set, but you will rank up faster.
  • Grind the Seasonal Activities, especially The Coil. Every completion of a Season of the Wish activity — Riven’s Lair and The Coil — awards a base 300 Riven reputation. You can complete four runs in The Coil vs one in Riven’s Lair, though only the first rewards the 300 rep. A friend of mine almost reached max rank in around five or six full clears, most of it completed solo. The Coil is also very rewarding with loot if you make it all the way to the end, so there’s even more reason to do it.
  • Explore the Dreaming City. Everything you do in the Dreaming City awards a small but still significant amount of Riven reputation.
    • Patrols and World Chests: 5 Reputation
    • Heroic Public Events: 25 Reputation
    • Blind Well: 25 Reputation per tier, to a maximum of 100 at Tier 4
  • Do your four daily Riven bounties. Riven has four daily bounties you can do, awarding 25 reputation per bounty, as well as a fair bit of experience for your Season Pass. Like most daily bounties, these aren’t particularly difficult to complete, and they’re an extra something to do if you’re running low on those.

I’m somewhat incredulous that Season of the Wish can sustain the frustrated Destiny 2 playerbase until June 2024, but for now, there’s plenty of Riven reputation to farm and loot to acquire. For more on the Season of the Wish and Destiny 2 in general, check out our guides on getting Lair Keys, the Destiny 2 heatmap, and more in our D2 guides hub.

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