How does Void Suppression work in Destiny 2, and how can you get the most out of it? This guide has the answers.

Destiny 2: Void Suppression Guide

How does Void Suppression work in Destiny 2, and how can you get the most out of it? This guide has the answers.

Every class in Destiny 2 can use Void Suppression these days, but that wasn’t always the case. For almost all of Destiny 2’s life cycle, Suppression grenades were exclusive to the Titan class.

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These powerful Void Suppression explosives would immediately negate an enemy’s ability and cause them to stagger for about ten seconds. Guardians hit by Suppression (yourself included) are locked out of their class abilities, including any improved jumping.

Today, with Void 3.0, every class can use Void Suppression in PvE or PvP. Combining the grenade with the Aspects and Fragments in the class, plus the almost-gone-now Seasonal Artifact class mods, turn a simple bouncing explosive into a terror whether you’re a Fallen or another Guardian trying to do Crucible Bounties.

How to Use Void Suppression in Destiny 2

First and foremost, head to Ikora Rey in the Tower to purchase the Suppressor Grenade for 3,000 Glimmer if you haven’t already done so. There are likely another few Fragments and abilities you can buy from her as well, as the entirety of Void 3.0 unlocked after the World First Raid completion. Locked Fragments cost 25,000 Glimmer.

Next, meditate at the altar near Ikora to fully unlock everything you bought, head into the Void subclass, equip the grenades, and set up your Aspects and Fragments to best suit the build you’re going for.

If Void Suppression is the name of your game, we recommend the following Aspects per class:

  • Warlock: Child of the Old Gods, Feed the Void. Devour from Feed the Void is never a bad ability and is almost necessary in endgame content, especially if you’re trying to do some of it solo. Child of the Old Gods doesn’t offer quite as much utility, but the increased Rift uptime you get and the weakening and slow effect on enemies the orb catches will save you from time to time.
  • Titan: Controlled Demolition, Bastion. Volatile is one of the more powerful bits of utility in the Void toolbox. The effect activates when you hit an enemy with a Void ability — of which Suppression is one — not only will your enemies be unable to use their abilities, but they’ll also take more damage. Basion doesn’t directly interact with Void Suppression, but equip the Heart of Inmost Light Exotic chest piece, and using your Overshield Barricade and/or powered Melee speeds up the recovery of your Grenade, and vice versa.
  • Hunter: Vanishing Step, Stylish Executioner. There’s never a bad reason to have the ability to go invisible almost at will, and Vanishing Step once again links invisibility to your dodge. If you have high Mobility and other ways of quickly recharging your doge, there’s almost no reason you should ever be visible unless it’s entirely safe. Stylish Executioner works directly with Void Suppression, again turning you invisible when you defeat an affected enemy.
Best Void Suppression Fragments

The Fragments you want to use depend somewhat on the build you want to use, but the following are always good choices for using Void Suppression.

  • Echo of Domineering, which increases your Discipline by ten and drastically buffs Mobility and reloads your weapon when you apply Suppression. Combine it with other Discipline increasing effects for a good time.
  • Echo of Resistance: The buff this ability applies doesn’t affect Void Suppression directly, but with all the other ways Suppression can buff your character, the increased Void effect duration is welcome.
  • Echo of Obscurity: Useful in PvE only, this Fragment is a mainstay of high-difficulty content, as finishing Champion and Lucent Hive Lightbearing enemies for ammo is a common strategy. Being able to activate Invisibility on any class when you finish an opponent is never bad and meshes well with Echo of Resistance and other Invisibilty boosts.

All that’s left to do once your class is set up is go out into the world and Suppress some enemies. Remember that a Void Suppression Grenade bounces once before it detonates or, if you chucked the thing high into the air, after about six or seven seconds.

The explosive radius for Void Suppression can be deceiving, as it’s both larger than you’d think and small than it appears. For best results, toss the thing into a group of enemies or bounce it around corners or against walls for a fun surprise for your fellow Guardians if you’re in Crucible.

Standard enemies will be blinded and unable to do anything for about ten seconds once suppressed. Hive Lightbearers will lose all of their Light abilities, including being pushed out of their Super. In content where Hive Lightbearers hit like trucks, try to save your Void Suppression Grenade for when the Hive pop Super. You can give yourself and your Fireteam some much-needed breathing room.

We won’t cover Seasonal mods here, as they’re going away on May 24, but following the few recommendations above will make your Void Suppression adventures more enjoyable. You’ll want to check out our guide to The Title SMG god roll, as that weapon is also disappearing on May 24. Our Destiny 2 guides hub has plenty more content while you’re here.

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