Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022: The Title SMG God Roll

The Title SMG, available during Destiny 2's Guardian Games 2022, is a fine addition to any collection. Here are the best rolls.

The Title SMG is new in Destiny 2's Guardian Games and is unique to the event. If you don’t get a good roll before May 24, you won’t be getting one at all. Thanks to the generous rewards for turning in Medallions, unless you only play for a few minutes, odds are you’ll be swimming in SMGs after just a couple hours.

There is, of course, a best-in-class roll for The Title SMG for both PvE and PvP, and we’re covering both today.

The Title SMG God Roll from Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022

As one of only a few Void SMGs ever to grace Destiny 2, The Title’s main competition right now is the Funnelweb. The Title shoots slower but packs more of a punch, but the rolls we’re looking for perks that do more damage and make the gun easier to use.

The Title SMG PvE God Roll

PvE is all about survivability and damage uptime. The Title won’t be an endgame worldbeater no matter how good the roll is, but it can hand with some of the best options.

  • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling is the best choice as it’s a pure buff to Range, Stability, and Handling with no downside. The improvement isn’t huge, but neither is it insignificant. If you don’t end up with Corkscrew as your barrel, it’s not the end of the world, but go for it as much as you can.

  • Magazine: As with the barrel, we’re after Range and Stability in the Magazine, so Ricochet Rounds is king. High Caliber Rounds is an excellent backup Magazine choice as it combines an increase in Range with improved flinch on both PvE and PvP enemies.

  • Trait 1: Grave Robber or Stats for All. Grave Robber will ensure weapon uptime, provided you can get a melee kill sometime before The Title’s magazine runs dry. Stats for All is a flat buff to Range, Stability, Handling, and Reload speed after killing three enemies. The Title is about mowing down trash mobs, making Stats for All a solid option.

  • Trait 2: Vorpal Weapon or Swashbuckler are both excellent choices for the final slot. Picking up Vorpal increases your boss damage, and while The Title isn’t designed for maximum DPS, there are plenty of times during endgame when your primary will be all you have and when every point counts. Swashbuckler leans into The Title’s role as a clean-up weapon, stacking a damage buff up to 33% at maximum stacks.

Any combination of the above will serve you very well, though you'd be in a very good position if you could get Stats for All and Vorpal.

The Title SMG PvP God Roll

PvP for SMGs is about Range, aim stickiness, and weapon controllability. The longer and better you can stay on a target’s head from the longest distance, the better.

  • Barrel: Either Corkscrew Rifling or Arrowhead Break. Corkscrew, for the reasons mentioned above, and Arrowhead because it adds both a ton of Recoil control and a modest amount of Handling. The real benefit is the Recoil buff, as The Title can kick quite a bit if you don’t actively counter-manage it.

  • Magazine: As PvE.

  • Trait 1: Perpetual Motion. Movement is key to even mid-level PvP, and so long as you’re in motion, you’ll gain at least a moderate buff to Stability, Handling, and Reload. Dynamic Sway Reduction is also a good choice for its sway reduction with longer trigger holds if you're using a controller.

  • Trait 2: Moving Target or Swashbuckler. While Swash is good for almost anything, as extra damage is never something you should turn down, Moving Target adds a flat bonus to The Title’s Aim Assist. In other words, it makes the bullets magnetize to your enemies better, making headshots easier to land. There’s also a minor bonus to movement speed as long as you’re aiming down the sights. Vorpal Weapon is a good backup choice as it deals extra damage to Supers.

Farming The Title SMG for god rolls isn’t particularly grueling, but in the several dozen we’ve got, there hasn’t been a single one that fits any of the above rolls. Here’s hoping. Check out our guide to farming Medallions for more chances at The Title. Our Destiny 2 guides hub has much more content to enjoy while you’re here.


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Published May. 11th 2022

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