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Destiny: How to Unlock Will of Crota Strike

Check this out for details on unlocking the new Will of Crota strike in Destiny's expansion, The Dark Below.
This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

Destiny‘s first expansion, The Dark Below, is out and with it comes a new Strike. If you think you can just start the game and jump immediately into the new Strike, you’re in for a surprise. There are new quests you must do from a new bounty person/vendor named Eris.

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It doesn’t take too long but there are several quests you must do, including 3 patrol missions that give very little information on how to complete them. I’ll help you through this by explaining exactly what’s needed and where to go. The launch week’s Nightfall and Weekly Strike is the new one as well, so you need to do this to unlock that.

This guide will go over everything needed to unlock the Will of Crota Strike including:

  • The Dark Below Expansion – What’s in it and why you need it.
  • Eris Morn – Who she is and why she is important.
  • The Dark Below Quests – Each quest needed to unlock the new Strike and how to do them.

The Dark Below Expansion

As most of you are aware, there is a new expansion out for Destiny. It is called, The Dark Below, and revolves around the Hive enemies. New story missions, bounties, a rep vendor, Strike, and Raid were all added.

The max light level has also been increased to 32, along with plenty of new weapons and armor with higher stats.

If you look at what this week’s Nightfall is, you’ll notice it is Will of Crota and is locked initially. You need the expansion to do the Nightfall any week Will of Crota is chosen. Even if you have the expansion, it is locked at the beginning. You have to complete a series of quests before you unlock it.

This does mean players who do not have the expansion can no longer do Nightfall. They will cycle through as normal.

Eris Morn

She is your new best friend. Eris begins your questline to unlock the new Strike. She also adds a new reputation, Crota’s Bane, bounties, and vendor.

Eris sells new shaders, emblems, and class items. She also sells two new upgrade materials, used to upgrade some of the new weapons, and ways to exchange the new raid upgrade materials. For example, you trade 1 Radiant Energy, 1 Black Wax Idol, and 500 Glimmer for 1 Radiant Shard.

Her new bounties and quests give reputation for the new faction and that’s needed to buy her items.

The Dark Below Quests

To begin your new journey, start by talking to Eris. As soon as you get to the tower, go up the stairs to the left, then turn left again to see her at the end near a ship.

Talk to her and she gives you a story mission. You’ll also see what she sells and can pick up bounties. The bounties change daily, like other bounties, and there is one class specific one each day.

The Dark Below adds 3 new story missions. Start by doing all 3 of these. They are all straight forward and every time you complete 1, turn it in to Eris to get the next one. I won’t spoil it, but you get something very nice for completing the last story mission.

After all the story missions are done, she gives you another mission called, The Extermination. You must kill 25 Hive Knights or Wizards. You can do this easily several ways.

  • Go to the Shipyards and make laps around the area, killing the Hive you see.
  • Do the Summoning Pits Strike on the Moon.
  • Do the 2nd Dark Below Story mission again on heroic. Just kill all the enemies at the end before killing the boss.]

You also get another mission to buy an item from Xur, the vendor that comes on the weekend, but this is not needed to unlock the Will of Crota.

Once you complete and turn this in, you get 3 more patrol missions on Earth. These missions give a general area and idea of what to do, but not much else.

They also do not show up on your radar and are hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Make sure you select patrol on Earth to complete these.

Patrol Missions

The first bounty has you going to the Lunar Complex, the place you fought the first Wizard on Earth.

  • From the starting area of Patrol, head left and keep heading that direction until you see a hill with stairs that lead to a building.
  • Go through the building until you reach the point you first got ambushed by the Hive, the darkened area.
  • Head straight until you reach the northeast corner and see a Thrall. I’m not sure if his location is random in the room, so if you don’t see him, search the area.
  • Kill it to spawn a bunch of enemies and the kill the special one to complete the bounty.

The next bounty is close to this area.

  • After doing the Lunar Complex bounty, continue through the complex, until you reach the outside.
  • Go past the cave and into the big building called, Terrestrial Complex.
  • Go until you reach outside again, the area of the last Earth story mission, and you’ll see an urn on the landing. Steal this to spawn more enemies
  • Kill 3 of the special enemies to get the treasures and complete the bounty.

Go back to orbit, then start Earth Patrol again to make getting to the last part faster.

  • Head right from where you spawn and through the big building.
  • Once you make it outside again, keep going forward until you reach the next area, Rocket Yards
  • Go until you reach another big building, the area you go to for the first Earth strike, and go through the first tunnel.
  • Turn left and you’ll see a special enemy. Kill it to spawn more enemies and kill them to complete the last bounty.
Will of Crota Strike

After completing and turning in the 3 patrol missions, Eris gives you another mission to complete the Will of Crota Strike. This unlocks the strike for you, and the Weekly and Nightfall.

That’s it for my guide on unlocking the Will of Crota Strike in the Destiny expansion, The Dark Below.

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