Detective Pikachu Returns: Quiz Professor Answers

You'll meet the Quiz Professor during your first case in Detective Pikachu Returns. Here are the answers to all three of her questions.

Detective Pikachu Returns - Quiz Professor Answers
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Tim Goodman and his partner Pikachu are back in action in Detective Pikachu Returns. As you help the detective duo crack a series of new cases throughout Ryme City, you’ll meet all sorts of Pokemon and trainers, like the Quiz Professor. When you first cross paths in Serenity Park during the Missing Jewel case, she and her Toucannon will ask you to find several Pokemon that match her description. Here’s a rundown of the Quiz Professor’s answers in Detective Pikachu Returns.

Quiz Professor Answers in Detective Pikachu Returns

Quiz Professor Question 1: What Pokemon catches its prey using its long tongue?

Quiz Professor Question 1 Answer - Lickitung
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The Quiz Professor’s first question revolves around a Pokemon that uses its long tongue to catch its prey. You’ll find this Gen I Pokemon somewhere in Serenity Park — and it’s pretty tough to miss when you first arriive. To spare you the trouble of retracing your steps, the Pokemon in question is Lickitung. Head back to the Quiz Professor with your answer to start the next round.

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Quiz Professor Question 2: What Pokemon uses its cute looks to put you off guard so it can steal from you?

Quiz Professor Question 2 Answer - Purrloin
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The Professor’s second question relates to a cute Pokemon with sticky fingers. As you seek out this Pokemon in Serenity Park, you’ll soon find it to be the perpetrator in the case of Tim’s stolen pen. Though adorable, Purrloin is the sneaky Pokemon that the Quiz Professor warned you about. Return with your answer and Tim’s recovered pen for the final question.

Quiz Professor Question 3: Best buds always stick together — what Pokemon always moves as a group?

Quiz Professor Question 3 Answer - Falinks
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The Quiz Professor’s final question concerns a Pokemon that always moves as a group. Hint: despite gathering in a group of six, this Pokemon is considered just one unit. If you’re stumped, you’ll find this Pokemon just around the corner from where the Professor and her Toucannon are standing. Look closely, and you’ll see Falinks is your final answer. Report your findings to the Professor.

That’s it for your first set of quiz answers from the Quiz Professor in Detective Pikachu Returns. For more tips on cracking your next case, such as the answers for the exam in Southern Ruins, check out our dedicated guides hub for Detective Pikachu Returns.

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