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Detective Pikachu Returns: Where to Deliver Clothes for Swadloon

Here's how to find the Swadloon in Detective Pikachu Returns and deliver their clothes.

As you venture through Rhyme City in Detective Pikachu Returns, your sleuthing abilities allow you to assist both people and Pokemon. Pikachu can comprehend both humans and Pokemon, which will lead you to get side quests from Pokemon, as well. In the Ruins, you’ll find a Leavanny who made clothes for its children. In this guide, we’ll show you where to deliver clothes for Swadloon

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Where to Deliver Clothes for Swadloon in Detective Pikachu Returns

Once you enter the Ruins after completing the Missing Jewel case, you’ll run into a Leavanny. If you talk to her, she’ll tell you that she’s worried about her two Swadloon children. They went exploring the snowy mountain. Leavanny is worried that they’ll get too cold and asks you to find them and deliver clothes that she made to keep them warm

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Where to Find the First Swadloon Location

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The first Swadloon location is easy to find. Head up to the Ruin’s doors, where the campfire is. If you look to the left of the door, you’ll find the first Swadloon. It won’t be there if you haven’t started the quest yet. 

Where to Find the Second Swadloon Location

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The second Swadloon location is a little trickier to find. You’ll first need to open the Ruin’s doors as part of the main story. When examining the door, you’ll be given three options. To open it, Tim and Pikachu will have to press two buttons at the same time

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Now that you’re inside the ruins, there will be a big room with three statues. Go to the wall on the right, and you’ll find the second Swadloon. Once you talk to it, it will take the clothes and return to Leavanny. The case is now closed. 

That’s where to deliver clothes for Swadloon in Detective Pikachu Returns. Remember to find the second Swadloon you’ll need to open the Ruin’s door first. For more tips and guides for Detective Pikachu Returns, check out our guides hub for the game

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